Tuesday, 10 July 2012

VHS Labels i love- VTC

Hello Again good people,
Jonny T here with the second part of my VHS Labels i love and this time i bring you the most awesome label that was VTC.
My first memories of this particular label has to be the big gold boxes, I remember going in the video shop with my dad where we had a years worth of free rentals and seeing these films all lined up sideways with great spine logos and the little picture then pulling them from the shelf to look at the front and back to reveal some totally insane box art and some incredible titles, i as probably you did had no idea whatsoever what the hell the films were about all we had was the box and the synopsis and maybe a reccomendation of a school playground or one of my dads mates.

As you can see from the 2 covers i have already put up in this post of The Scaremaker and Death Machines, the good old gold label VTC certainly introduced some of the how you would say cult/trash titles to the home video market and i for one certainly rented more than my fair share of VTC tapes based on the box art alone, looking back at the releases now and knowing a little bit more about movies than when i was 13 there were not only some great trash but some great great films , Titles such as Enter the streetfighter,Sister Streetfighter, Street Trash to name but three, but the one that sticks out for me mostly  is the classic George C Scott ghost story that is The Changeling, i remember seeing it on the shelf and recalling that my mum and dad had been to the cinema to see it and him saying how it scared him to death, so after a little teenage moaning and whining and several " Dad, Dad, Dad can we have this pleeeeaaaasssee!!!" he succumbed to my moans and we took it home, we did indeed watch it but it was put on by my dad in the afternoon, know i'm not saying that he was too scared to watch it at night but......
It was great and as he said, very very scary, i recently brought the DVD of The Changeling and asked him if he would like to borrorw it, he declined, ha!!

So there you have some of my memories from the good old VTC and it's kind of funny that whilst scanning through Google images for VTC titles i saw so many that brought back a ton of memories and titles that i had long forgotten about, so why not think of a label yourself and have a play when you get 5,
I've stuck some more pictures below of some of the great VTC titles,
Thanks for reading, back soon with another VHS label i love.
Jonny T.

Some more great VTC Box art

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