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A Haunting in Connecticut 2:Ghosts of Georgia Review by Jonny T.

Hello folks,
Jonny T here with my thoughts on A Haunting in Connecticut 2:Ghosts of Georgia.
Now first things first, A Haunting in Connecticut 2:Ghosts of Georgia has absolutely nothing to do with the first film whatsoever apart from the first part of the title, So if you haven't seen the first movie don't worry because there is no need to!
As with the first film this is inspired by true events and to be honest as with the first movie it's a pretty enjoyable if at times slightly far fetched but hey who cares, well i didn't as you know pretty much what to expect, a pretty good ghost story.
You may have or have not seen the first movie and as with this it is the same vane as basically an extended episode of the excellent TV show Paranormal Witness which if you have not seen i would recommend you do.
In Ghosts of Georgia we have a mother, Daughter and husband.Starting a new life and at lovely remote house out in the middle of creepy woods, of course! They then find out the history of the house as it used to be back in the days of slavery a station which was basically a salvation for fleeing slaves where The Station Master as the owner was known would care for, hide and help slaves to freedom, what a jolly nice man, or was he?
Also on the grounds of the new home lives the mothers sister in a trailer, who is also helping the mother to recover from her visions and help her off medication. We then see a scene where she panics as her daughter disappears in the woods the reapers saying she has been speaking to a man named Mr. Gordy who has told her not to say she has spoken to him which obviously causes alarm bell ringing, We then get to see various visions both from the mum and the young daughter who loves it seems to wander off into the woods at any given time, this leads to a scene in which her and her father find what seems to be an alter/shrine within the woods that says "God Bless the station master" Sat at he shrine is a very old black lady and her son who tells the daughter and father the story of the slave trade and events transpiring to the place where they now live.

From this point on the visions and happenings really kick off, with visions of an extremely creepy man in a hooded mask, which appears to be from flashbacks The Station Master who was also a Taxidermist who it appears upset the locals when they found out that he was helping slaves so they basically stuffed him and hung him in a quite gruesome and effective scene, much like the first film where the mortician cuts off eyelids (still makes me wince even now!).
So as you can tell as the story evolves we get more and more of the back story through various flashbacks and locals stories but things are far from what the first appear to be.Some of the flashback scenes and gore are very well done in sepia and strobe effect scares, for the budget it really is quite impressive.

So in summing up and without giving spoilers you can do a lot worse than Ghosts Of Georgia and i can see why the have used the Haunting in tag, and i personally would be more than happy to watch as many more as they decide to make which seems to be the trend again at the moment wherein using really life ghost stories to recreate full length movies such as the recently released and also a Paranormal witness episode The Possessed which was also very good.Just one thing though, as in Paranormal Witness the actual people in the cases are never that handsome or slim so i would love to see one of these movies where the actors give a true representation of the rather larger people involved to give it slightly more realism, the point i am making is the Dad in this film had a toned body/stubble and an endless supply of white vests and he only knew how to button his shirt up twice! But saying that it is worth a look,


Jonny T.(Not wearing a vest)


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