Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Memories of - An American Werewolf in London

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with a new feature I have decided to put up on the blog named "Memories of...", it basically will consist of many of my all-time favourite films with a few of my own personal thoughts and memories as well as any images and related videos I can find, so without further delay on to the first movie……..

Now I remember seeing this in a Sunday newspaper magazine just before the UK cinema release and recall the pictures of a guy getting his throat cut by Nazi zombies and another still of some guy who appeared to be screaming as his hand stretched in front of his face, Didn’t know at the time who they were or what it was really about apart from the obvious title and the fact that I needed to see it!

Obviously I was way too young to go to the cinema and see it but remember many months after I had seen the original article walking past the local video shop on the Carlton road and seeing a poster for it just released by Embassy Video. Now on our street the only people that had a video player at that time was a local builder and his wife Jackie and Steve and who owned a brand new shiny top loader Betamax player, We had watched quite a few movies at their house so I in my teenage persuasive way managed to get Steve with his plastic laminated Video shop card to rent out An American Werewolf in London.

I remember it being a really sunny afternoon (Probably School holidays) and me and three mates getting to finally see it, To the slight annoyance of my mum who said that why would we want to stay indoors and watch a film when it was so nice out, sorry mum but it was AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON!! As soon as it had finished we watched it again, later that night I remember my dad going across the road with some beers to watch it with Steve, I recall asking him next day what he thought “Good film that” he said “Hope you covered your eyes when they got in the shower!” Of course I did dad. So from that day to this day it remains one of my all-time favourite horror movies, it has everything, Gore, scares, Laughs and of course nudity!!(Sorry dad)

So from the good old days of top loaders and Beta Max to my latest purchase of the film on Blu-Ray with a great documentary it is still a film i can stick on and watch anytime of the day, even on a sunny afternoon!(Sorry Mum)
Jonny T.
Various Great Posters!

Various Great Videos!

Original Trailer

Complete Transformation scene, still incredible to this day, who needs CGI?

The Making of the Werewolf with Rick Baker.

Rick Baker winning his Oscar Presented by Vincent Price!

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