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GIMME THE LOOT - Out now in Cinema's

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Jonny T here with news of the recently released Gimme The Loot from  Soda Pictures, I have recently discovered Soda Pictures and they have some great looking releases and i am please to announce that i will be now working with them covering their releases, so for the 1st post i have covered the great looking Gimme the Loot which is coming to DVD very soon and in selected cinemas across the UK, all the details are below and watch this space for a review coming very soon!
Jonny T


Directed by Adam Leon
UK Release Date - 3rdMay 2013Running Time

81 minutes Certificate

Synopsis:Malcolm and Sofia, two determined teens from the Bronx, are the ultimate graffiti partners.When a rival gang buffs their latest masterpiece, they must hatch a plan to get revenge by tagging an iconic NYC landmark, but they need to raise $500 to pull off their spectacular scheme. Over the course of two whirlwind, sun-soaked summer days, Malcolm and Sofia travel on an epic urban adventure involving black market spray cans, illicit bodega, stolen sneakers, a high stakes heist, and a beautiful, stoned girl whose necklace is literally their key to becoming the biggest writers in the city.Director’s Bio Adam Leon was born and raised in NYC. Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania he has worked extensively in the New York film industry. Along with independently directing hi sown short films and music videos, he worked in association with the All Rites Reserved and Rough Cut production companies in various positions including writer, director, production coordinator etc, on film and video projects ranging from advertisements for companies including Nike, to award winning shorts, and several music videos.Adam apprenticed for Woody Allen on set and in post-production for two years. Additionally,he has held positions at the Tribeca Film Festival as a Filmmaker Coordinator at the New York Film Festival, where as Production Manager he coordinated the Festival and supervised other special events, and The Jacob Burns Film Center, where he serves as a programmer, selecting films and creating series in addition to booking high level guests.Under the alias Skinny Slim, he was a founder of the Badminton Stamps collective, whose members continue to thrive in the fine art, photography, film and music fields, and are best known for their “Found Your Stuff” street art project.His most recent short, Killer, premiered at The Museum of Modern Art and Lincoln Centre as part of their New Directors/New Films festival. It went on to play at over twenty festivals around the world, including in San Francisco, London, Woodstock, Los Angeles, and Nantucket, where, along with the Oscar winning feature The Hurt Locker and Oscar winning documentary The Cove, it won the award for outstanding film.Gimme the Loot will be Adam’s debut feature film.

Director's Statement:The movie takes place over two hot summer days and follows Malcolm and Sofia on an adventure through New York involving a range of diverse characters from many walks of life.This is a story about a time and place, and capturing New York was key to the project. We took to the streets, used real locations in the Bronx and all over the city, often shot guerrilla style, and just hustled and schemed like our characters to get it made in the best way possible.Tonally, I was focused on taking these kids who often have rough lives, but telling a story set in that world that is more about the joys of youth rather than the perils of it. While Malcolm and Sofia dabble in juvenile delinquency and often have it hard, that doesn't mean they're bad or miserable people. I hope ultimately that portrayal helps humanise our characters and make them universally identifiable. I was inspired by a great, charming movie from the Fifties called Little Fugitive that was shot on the streets of NYC using non-professional kids, and I also looked at the Sidney Poitier/Bill Cosby comedies from the seventies like Uptown Saturday Night, and even the Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road movies. While those last two examples are broader intone, and GIMME THE LOOT is set in a very authentic, and at times gritty world, I wanted the spirit of those movies to be present in our film.The production concept was to have a full, detailed script and intensive preparation, including months of rehearsal, but then going out and shooting very fast, very on the fly. That combination, hopefully, led us to have a strong, structured story with real, full characters but also a sense of looseness and freshness. We woke up every morning knowing that things were not going to go as planned and because of our preparation , and our focused, supportive crew, we were able to embrace whatever the City threw at us and incorporate it into the movie.Above all else we needed to find amazing talent to pull this off. I put a sign up on my door that read “Find kids. Shoot movie” because I knew that once we had the cast everything else would fall into place. If the actors were special enough then people would recognise it and want to be a part of the project. Luckily we were able to discover a cast that I believe is a truly remarkable and I am most thankful for and proud of these wonderful young actors we were able to spotlight in the movie.

Cast & Crew Written and Directed by Adam Leon
Produced by Natalie Difford Dominic Buchanan Jamund Washington
Co-Producer Sam Soghor
Associate Producers Lindsay Burdge Sean Nitollano
Editor Morgan Faust
Director of Photography Jonathan Miller
Production Design Sammy LisencoKatie HickmanOriginal
Music Nicholas Britell
USA/2012/81 mins/English/1.85 - Stereo

Official site for Soda Pictures for all the info you need

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