Friday, 31 May 2013

The Day of the Beast-Have a film on me Friday!

Hello Folks!
Jonny T here with a new feature called " Have a film on me Friday!" I was talking with my good friend Richard Gladman ( Classic Horror Campaign ) on Facebook about obscure films you may or may not have seen, basically sending out titles for people to find and i sent him a link on YouTube for Yokai Monsters and it was the full movie, so i had a look through the related videos and came across a classic known as Day of the Beast, A Truly great Spanish Movie in my opinion,The story is basically of a heavy metal chap and a priest that team up to fight Satan with some great gore and hillarious moments,so i thought i would share this full movie with you and have a look around for some more and do one weekly, I am currently going through YouTube and compiling a list so i shall post one each week,
Jonny T.

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