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Detective Spurlock is a tormented cop with a heavy cocaine addiction and a penchant for prostitutes. Done something wrong? He is more than willing to look the other way – for a price. Under his rough exterior, Spurlock is a man who is haunted by his own demons. Demons that threaten to take him down and destroy his very existence. As he weaves his way through one horrifying crime scene after another, he leaves his own trail of destruction in his wake creating one twisted experience.

The Resolution Synopsis

It’s New Year’s Eve. Convinced he’s found the love of his life, John proposes to Rebecca. To his utter shock, she turns him down. Not only does she not love him, but she’s fallen for his best friend, and has been sleeping with him for a while. Humiliated and angry, John vows revenge.
One year later, he gets his chance. After kidnapping his beloved Rebecca, he brings her to his basement and his sheer madness is exposed. A knock at the door interrupts his gleeful torture experiment, and to his amazement, a dizzy grocery store clerk has arrived… with a bottle of wine and a hopeful invitation to share it.
But Katie has a secret of her own. One that will forever change the lives of John and Rebecca, and make this New Year’s Eve one for the front page news.

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with my review of Twisted tales of Madness and Murder, The Resolution.
I was skipping through Facebook one day when I came across a great looking comic and the guy who wrote it Rick Tobin, now I liked the look of this as it reminded me of the good old days of comic books. Tales From the crypt etc. so I contacted Rick and he very kindly sent me the first issue and needless to say I was not disappointed.

The 1st tale The Resolution tells of a new year’s eve where a party is in full swing when our main Character John tells his friend that he is secretly planning on proposing to his girlfriend that very night, his friend seems to think that this is a real bad idea and tries his best to get him to forget the whole thing, but love-struck John is having none of it so decides to ask her, she flatly refuses and to the shock of poor old John he then finds out that the reason is that she is sleeping with the very friend that told him not to! Now that is only the first twist in a very twisted tale, We then see a dishevelled john a year later going through a supermarket checkout and being hit on by the lady who is serving him, in his state he kindly just brushes it off and goes home, when he arrives home he opens the boot for us to see his girlfriend that rejected him tied up in the boot, she is duly taken down into his basement where some real gruesome torture takes place, one note that the artwork particularly in this section by Tadd Galusha is superb, So mid torture he hears the doorbell go upstairs, he wearily goes upstairs and looks through the peephole only to see the girl from the supermarket , She has in her hand a bottle of wine, wishes him Happy New Year and duly explains to him her feelings and asks to come in which he obviously does not want her to, Disgruntled she then tells him that she needs to use the phone as her cell phone has died and she needs to call a cab, so he gives in and invites her in, She notices blood on his hands and asked what happened and says “You’re not some kind of psycho are you?” oh if only she knew! They then hear a massive crash in the basement and she asks what it is……….

I shall say no more as not to spoil it for you all, But later on we get introduced to the one and only hard ass Detective Spurlock he introduced whilst sniffing cocaine of a hooker ass, yes you heard that right, he arrives to witness a gruesome seen and comments how he promised that he would try and not got hard when he sees female corpses! So you get the gist of Spurlock, Hard ass, Takes no shit kind of guy!

The 2nd tale Investment opens up with a guy Trevor the cool kid of college and his geeky friend Joe, Trevor is obviously good friends with Joe but is seemingly annoyed at the fact that he always has his head in a book and he should get a girl and should have his head in other places (Sorry about that I went a bit “Spurlock!)We then get to meet his latest lady a hot cheerleader who runs up and embraces him much to the annoyance of her ex meathead boyfriend Brad who is held back from smashing his face in by his buddies, she tells Trevor that her parents are away for the weekend and to come around later for some sexy time, and asks her to bring one of her cheerleader friends, she then asks why and he looks at Joe and she says she would have to be very drunk, poor Joe. She shakes her ass and walks off leaving us set up for the next instalment.
The Comic is brilliantly written with more twists than a Vegas rollercoaster, The first issue as I have mentioned features Detective Spurlock, Trevor and Joe and greatly written characters that get you hooked from the get go and I personally cannot wait to see where the stories lead ,I have spoken to Rick and the hope to release Bi-Monthly and I hope they do! The twists are great, the artwork is superb and as I have said it really reminded me of classic comics such as Tales from the crypt, I also think with the resurgence over the past year or so of the Anthology style movies these would fit in perfectly on the big screen, So all in all a great read, Go grab yourself a copy now and get Twisted!

A solid 9/10
Jonny T.



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