Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Hello Folks,

Jonny T here with something brought to my attention from fellow blogger Big Man Gav, Night of the living bread! Yes you heard that correct! Made a good few years back and apparently featured as an extra on one of the many releases of the original Night of the Living Dead it faithfully recreates the original masterpiece in black and white but not with zombies but bread! You may have already seen it but if not just click play and have a hoot, I also found this great comment….

"I find this film Racist considering no Rye, Wheat or Multi Grain breads were used during the making of this film, It just gives White Bread a Bad Wrap..."


Jonny T.

Night of the Living Bread is a 1990 American independent short film comedic parody of Night of the Living Dead, directed by Kevin S. O'Brien. Wikipedia

Initial release: 1990

Director: Kevin S. O'Brien

Running time: 8 minutes

Cast: Katie Harris, Vince Ware, Robert J. Saunders, Stephen R. Newell

Music composed by: Ken Hymes, Wenda Williamson

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