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Classic Sc-Fi Series The Invisible Man Out on DVD 8 July 2013 - Reviewed

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Jonny T here with my review of The Invisible Man TV show.

Out for the 1st time on DVD and featuring the Man from U.NC.L.E Legend David McCallum this rarely seen gem for me definitely delivers!

The Pilot show opens up with a 1st person perspective of someone who appears to be injured making their way to a hospital, Upon entering the main reception whoever it is appears to be seemingly ignored by all around, we then see a hospital log with a name and next to it says simply “Skin Graft” We then see a sign saying Surgery where we get taken up the stairs and look over into an operating theatre, A chair seems to move by itself and then you realise this is the 1st glimpse (or not actually!) of The Invisible Man Daniel Western (McCallum). A Voice over starts and we are transported back to the very beginning of the story.

We see a very happy Daniel do his daily jogging then home to his wife excited about his new project, He returns to work and meets up with his boss, not a very nice chap, So when Daniel asks him for further funding he basically hits the roof and says that he has been working for 8 months and already spent $1.5million and he has yet to see any results! So Daniel takes him to the lab and produces a pen which he puts on a table and shines what seems to be a red laser at it, the pen duly disappears, Still not impressed and under the impression that all he has created has been a laser that disintegrates things he once more has a go at Daniel, its only when Daniel appears to pick up something that was where the pen was and starts writing with it that his jaw drops! Daniel then explains that it has also been tested on rabbits and that after a few hours they become visible again, also that he has developed a serum that when injected will make living things visible quicker, excitedly the boss then asks if it could work on humans and that the endless possibilities as in nations creating invisible armies and spies is endless, This makes Daniel not a happy man who then goes on to explain that that was never his intention to create something that could be used as a military tool and if that’s the case he shall quit, the boss sees the potential in his creation and backs down from the military aspect and agrees to provide more funding which he duly signs with the invisible pen!

Unbeknownst to the boss and his wife he has had the idea of testing it on humans starting with himself. So he sneaks into the lab at night and hey presto it works! So he goes home in the morning now invisible and basically scares the shit out of his very angry wife, So he calms her down and she agrees to take him back to the lab to reveal his achievement to his boss, when they arrive the all go into the lab and he sticks on a gown to hide his man bits and injects the serum, Daniel then reappears to the amazement of his boss who later calls Daniel into his office to meet some “Men” These “Men” turn out to be Military Men, Daniel is fuming and duly leaves only to return later that night turns invisible again and sets to destroy the whole lab, Security comes in and tries to stop him but to no avail, he escapes, now on the run.

He is now on the run, a wanted Invisible Man! He meets up with a blind man who gives him refuge but the blind man things he is up to no good and decides to shoot him, Not a good day for Daniel to say the very least, This is where it flips back to the opening scene of the 1st person perspective and we now realise that the 1st person is Daniel, Struggling his way back to the hospital and hooking up and explaining to his surgeon friend who is a skin graft expert what has happened, unable to get the serum he crafts him a latex suit and for now he is Daniel again but still on the run……….

So what we get here basically is a show that for some reason slipped under the “Classic” TV show radar and it may not be up there with the likes of The Six Million Dollar man but I for one thoroughly enjoyed it, Plenty of action, plot twists and of course the great McCallum, Set out over 4 discs and a running time of a whopping 631 minutes you will certainly get some great rare TV for your money,

Jonny T.

The Invisible Man

Classic 1970S Sci-Fi series The Invisible Man starring David McCallum appears on DVD for the first time from Acorn Media. Following his starring role in cult classic The Man From U.N.C.L.E., McCallum returned as the lead in this hit series, which launched with a feature length pilot followed by 12-gripping episodes, all of which come to DVD in The Invisible Man four-DVD boxed set on 8 July 2013.

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