Friday, 14 August 2015

That's it I'm finished, Goodbye - Sharktopus VS Whalewolf!

Sharktopus VS WhaleWolf, Really? Sharknado 3 etc...............
Now, I do love a great B movie but surely this has got to be coming to the end of it's run, These films are terrible, The CGI is terrible, The scripts are terrible and the acting terrible. All basically 80's popstars and actors that can't get work jumping onto the SYFY wagon, leave it!!
Now, I love Roger Corman but these films are truly just using his name to push them but even Roger Corman fans see these films and don't bother, I mean, Have you seen Sharknado 3????
Any rant over and I'm done with the SYFY films now, But I know some still enjoy them so good luck for the future!
Jonny T.


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  1. I believe the point of these movies now are to be horrible on purpose. There's no way they expected this film to be a good movie when they made it, I mean look at it.