Monday, 17 August 2015

'The Krays ­ Kill Order' Sensational Feature Documentary in cinemas 4 September and DVD 14 September




Ronnie Kray do you know my name? Mozza once sang at a period when he had an obsession with the Kray twins, I also went through a period a while back, Reading everything I could, Watched all the videos I could find, Mostly all cash in "I said hello to them once" bollocks, But like old Charlie Manson at the end of the 60's and his family that defined the end of an era of  in the U.S.A The Kray twins unknowingly replicated that in the UK, The glitz the glamour, The petty crime and eventual murderous rampages and expanding  to the states and the Mafia that was a step too far, With the great Tom Hardy playing both twins in the upcoming movie "Legend" this looks to be a great companion piece, When you  think you have read it all here is more, Review coming very soon,
Jonny T 

Release Details
Ronnie and Reggie Kray remain the most notorious criminals in British history. Legends to many, their fame was built on a fearsome reputation and almost mythical celebrity-like status, but who were the real Kray twins?
Now in a sensational new feature documentary The Krays – Kill Order, the true story of the men behind the myth is revealed; by those on the inside. 

This eye-opening film features shocking revelations from the men who stood shoulder to shoulder with the fearsome brothers including Freddie Foreman, Frankie Fraser, Eddie Richardson, Albert Donoghue, Lenny Hamilton, Billy Frost, Jimmy Tippett Snr., Albert Chapman, Toby Von Judge, Maureen Flanagan and Bernard O’Mahoney plus some never heard before audio recordings of Reggie Kray.

Directed by Christopher Matthews and produced by double BAFTA nominated Revelation Films, The Krays – Kill Order comes to UK cinemas and download on 4 September 2015, followed by its DVD release on 14 September 2015 from Metrodome. 

The Krays – Kill Order is a fascinating exposé that will thrill and shock in equal measure as scandalous new evidence comes to light from within their circle of trust.

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