Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Death Of "Superman Lives" what happened? - Reviewed.

I really don't know where to start with this review, So many frustrating points, A good point to start would be to ask why the fuck didn't "Superman Lives" ever get made?
Now I know that photograph of Nicolas Cage as Superman has been floating around the internet for a good while now..........

But don't let that one photograph fool you, what Tim Burton had lined up sounded easily on par with his Batman movies."Jonny your a fool!!" I hear you say and yes I know I am but believe me, Watch this and you may change your mind. Now it is said within the documentary that Bryan Singer director of the truly bland "Superman Returns"used to carry the above photograph with him and when questioned by studio executives about the look of his Superman he would produce the said photograph and comment "Well, At least it doesn't look like this!" Ha, Ha, Move on. 

The first script was written by super Fan-boy the one and only Kevin Smith who features heavily and rather amusingly in this, Along with his backwards and forward separate conversations, Film maker Jon Schnepp talks with Kevin Smith and Hairdresser turned producer Jon Peters. Now Jon Peters is another story all together.

Jon Peters is what you would expect to see from a Hollywood money man, Kevin smith tells the story of how he wrote his script and took it around to read to Peters, The story goes that when Smith arrived Peters made him read it to him whilst he lay down envisioning the film on his ceiling, It may sound ridiculous but it is confirmed by Peters!  Jon Peters idea so it goes was that h didn't want those pants on the outside, Didn't want Superman to fly but did want a giant spider and what he wants he usually gets, Now with the giant spider he eventually did get that in another movie but watch the documentary to find out what dreadful movie that eventually ended up in.

So in summing up, The Death Of Superman lives is brilliant and frustrating in equal measures, You have to feel for the people involved, The story boarders the suit makers, Nicholas Cage and Tim Burton, I was surprised how far the project actually went and even more surprised on which film the studio made instead, Shocking to say the least, Watch this and you'll agree I'm sure! Seek it out, Great stuff,
Jonny T.

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