Thursday, 13 October 2016

Hunt for the wilderpeople - reviewed.

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush.
Director: Taika Waititi
Writers: Taika Waititi (screenplay), 
Stars: Sam Neill, Julian Dennison, Rima Te Wiata

Hunt for the wilderpeople could be classed as anything from feel good movie, Survivalist movie and a comedy but one thing is for certain whatever you class it as it's a great movie.
From the first night when Ricky runs away from auntie and uncle at his new found remote foster home to the end scene it's one of those films that just keeps you watching and guessing what the outcome will be.
Sam Neil who plays Uncle is a great brooding character who you know deep down has a soft side and Julian Dennison who plays Ricky is a revelation. It's also great to see Rima Te Wiata who plays auntie with a another great performance as she did in the great movie Housebound.
Also a couple of great and funny cameos from the fantastic New Zealand comedians Rhys Derby and Taika Waititi who also directed the movie. The bumbling New Zeland police officer and the social worker are also hilarious especially her Termintor references. All the characters are great in there own unique way.
So all in all it has to be said it's definitely up there with my top films of 2016. Running time of just under 2 hours but it never drags. It has a limited cinema release so catch it at the cinema if you can as some of the scenery is stunning. If not be sure to catch it on DVD.
Great stuff.

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