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WOLF CREEK TV Series - Reviewed.

Hello folks,
Jonny T here with my review of WOLF CREEK the TV series.
Now we all love a bit of Mick Taylor, Wolf Creek was grim and great and in my opinion Wolf Creek 2 was even better, There was talk of another movie and still possibly maybe but then came the news of a TV Series.
The series is 6 episodes long and that feels just  right. It tells the tale of a 19 year old American tourist who starts the first episode with her family in the outback, The young son takes a swim in a local billabong when a crocodile attacks  and Mick Taylor appears and takes a shot at the croc saving the boy much to the families relief but the viewer knows that it is legendary Mick Taylor and you know from that point on things can turn nasty at any point and they do.
Mick sits with the family whilst the moody girl stays in her caravan listening to music, In the mean time Mick explains his favourite weapons and his favourite being his huge knife as its a silent killer.
A slaughter ensues, The girl is oblivious to the massacre until Mick enters her caravan, She makes a run for it but is shot by Mick, She vanishes and he just thinks she has been taken by a croc.
The series then goes on through the episodes with her refusing to go back to the states and constantly on the run not only from the police but other not particularly nice people she bumps into on the way in constant pursuit of Mick Taylor.
Some of the episodes are a little slow but the violence level is right up there with the movies. Its brilliantly shot and gives a feeling as the films do of desolate hopelessness in the baron landscape of Australia. If you are a fan of the films i would recommend this 100%. If you've not seen the films then go seek them out. Slowly becoming a horror icon Mick Taylor is as nasty and psychotic in this as he has ever been. I've stuck all the details of the release below and it is available now!
7.5 / 10
Jonny T.


30,000 people go missing in Australia each year, with 90 per cent found within the first month.
The rest are never seen again.

Eureka Entertainment is delighted to announce that it has acquired its highest profile TV series to date with Wolf Creek – a 6 x 60’ psychological thriller which will air on FOX UK from Tuesday 30th August 10pm. Based on the international hit feature film of the same name, John Jarratt reprises his role as murdering psychopath Mick Taylor, wreaking havoc in the Australian outback. Eureka Entertainment will release each episode digitally on demand 24 hours after it has aired on FOX TV, with the DVD and Blu-ray box set available to purchase from 10th October2016.

Wolf Creek follows American teenager Eve Thorogood (Lucy Fry, 11.22.63) on holiday with her family in Northern Australia.  Sadistic killer Mick targets the family, viciously slaughtering them for his own twisted pleasure. Seriously injured, Eve survives the massacre of her parents and little brother, and sets out to bring the killer to justice.  And so begins a chilling game of cat and mouse, with the roles reversed and the hunter becoming the hunted. A Tarantino-esque revenge tale, Wolf Creek reveals Eve’s complex and extraordinary journey, as she evolves from child to adult, from prey to predator. But can she triumph over Mick Taylor, evil incarnate? 

Adapted for television by Peter Gawler, Greg McLean and Felicity Packard, Wolf Creek is a Stan Original Series, produced by Screentime and distributed by Zodiak Rights, both Banijay Group companies, in association with Emu Creek Pictures and financed with the assistance of Screen Australia and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Ruth Brukarz-Schofield at Eureka Entertainment said: "This is a really exciting deal and major acquisition for Eureka. It will be a must own package for fans of the first two Wolf Creek movies, genre & horror fans, and any self-respecting fan of international television. We look forward to working alongside Fox TV and helping the show reach a wider UK audience, ahead of the third movie in the series. We expect this will be the first of many international TV titles to add to Eureka's roster, alongside our award winning and critically acclaimed Masters of Cinema Series, as we celebrate the current culture of 'binge watching.’ "

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