Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Eyes Of My Mother - Reviewed.

"A young, lonely woman is consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quiet country life."

Recently rated 1/5 in The Guardian I really can't see why they scored it so low and could rant about that but i'm not going to because I loved it and reading online so did a hell f a lot of other people. Now i'll tell you my thoughts on The Eyes Of  My Mother.

Filmed entirely in black and white,  The Directorial debut from Nicolas Pesce who also wrote the screenplay is The Eyes Of My Mother  and it is a solid debut.
Set in 3 chapters Mother, Father and Family the film opens up with a Mother and her young daughter Francisca on a remote farm. the mother is teaching the child some principles of farming and life when a stranger approaches and asks to use the bathroom, Obviously the mother refuses but he then pulls a gun and insists that she show him where it is, He tells Francisca to sit on a stool and keep quiet, The Father returns from work and finds a pretty grim scene, This sets the movie up for the next section ,Father.
We advance a few years to see Francesca older and somewhat more twisted and lonelier.Now i don't really want to go into too many plot points as it would definitely spoil some great parts. Its in English sometimes and subtitled other times which does add to its slight weirdness, As i mentioned earlier entirely in black and white and that adds load the atmosphere and great desolate locations.
Similar i suppose you could say in tone to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deranged but not as direct and in your face as those movies.Its more art house than slaughterhouse. You never really get to find out a lot of the back story but the signs and clues are there of what may have gone off in the past so rather than bombarding you with back stories you get to see what is happening now and deal with it.

Due for release in December this year and hopefully UK release early next year. It's definitely not every ones cup of tea. In saying that i would recommend this with out hesitation.  Keep your eyes out for a release near you and if i have any more news on it i'll be sure to let you know.
For me a definite must watch,
Jonny T.

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