Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello Folks,
I'm bored, so i was just having a scan around the old web at next years Horror releases and there is a shit ton of stuff coming out and here is some titles/posters and trailers for some i have found, some you may have seen and some you may not have, 2012 in my opinion has been pretty week in the mainstream horror releases but 2013 looks to be a bit better, although saying that the Remake haters will probably have a field day with the likes of Texas Chainsaw massacre 3d, Carrie and The Evil Dead to name but a few, as i said it's not really an in depth posting but more of a visual one,So scroll down below for 2013 goodies (or baddies!)i have put down the release dates as close a i can find them but if i hear of any changes you will all be the 1st to know,
Enjoy Jonny T.

January 25th-Hansel and Gretel, John Dies at the end.

January 18th-Del Toro Presents MAMA

January 4th- Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

February 8th- The Occult

February 1st- Warm Bodies

March 15th- Carrie

March 1st- The Last Exorcism-Part 2, Stoker

April 12th- The Evil Dead, Scary Movie 5(oh Jesus why???)

July 19th- The Conjuring

August 30th- Insidious 2

August 23rd- You're Next

September 13th- I,Frankenstein.

October 25th- Paranormal Activity 5

October 11th- Haunts.

No release dates confirmed as yet for the below.

Posters below for some of the releases of 2013.

Trailers for 2013 Horror.

Evil Dead-Redband trailer.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

Carrie-Teaser Trailer.

John Dies at the End.

Warm Bodies



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