Tuesday, 6 November 2012

My weekend at MAYHEM horror festival!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with a round up of my weekend at Nottingham's MAYHEM horror Festival!
Well it's Monday  and i am suffering through one too many fine ales, but was it worth it? Hell Yeah!
During this years fantastic 5 day festival we had such films including Manic(REMAKE) American Mary, V/H/S, Manborg and 3 of my best this weekend which were The full version of The Shining, Dead Sushi and UK indie flick The Casebook of Eddie Brewer.
Me and Emma were on our way on Friday when we noticed next door to The Broadway cinema in Nottingham a Brew Dog pub which was a great discovery and needless to say i spent my fair share of time in there as well as sinking a good few of their ales but i did give the THERMO NUCLEAR PENGUIN ALE (38%) a miss!So we attended Eddie brewer and was lucky enough to meet up with producer Sean Connolly and Eddie Brewer himself Ian Brooker who were lovely people, to me the whole festival was great as everyone involved were so friendly and helpful, the organisation of film showings were spot on and the horror quiz on the Sunday night was a blast, even though we didn't win!
Dead Sushi was Emma's choice for Saturday and what a choice it was, brilliant, hilarious and uber violent.Then on Sunday we were fortunate enough to get tickets for the sold out USA full version remastered shiny print Kubrick Classic The Shining, and it was brilliant, With me and Emma was Gav, his fine lady Gaynor, man of steel Simo and even Emma's dad John who put us to shame by noticing the skeletons at the end and us so called horror fans couldn't remember not seeing it before, shame he wasn't thee for the quiz we may have won!

Heeeeeerrrres JONNY!!

Then after we went and had another ale in brew dog this time i delved into PUNK IPA which hit the spot, with Gav(in an amazing The Shining T-shirt!!) and Gaynor talking about The Shining, The Walking Dead and their recent trip to Harry Potter world,but unfortunately Gav and Gaynor sadly had to go so it we grabbed a bite to eat across the road where we found out it was half price drinks and food! This led to one of the funniest moments of the day when Simo ordered a Chicken Peri-Peri pizza and it was so hot it blew his face off, honestly it was like watching Man VS Food with his eyes streaming and gulping down beer like it was going out of fashion, bless him!
Then we headed back over to Broadway where we met up with Jonny Nova, Lofty, Sue and Bob for the quiz, it was a great laugh although we didn't win, the less said about that the better, by this time i had a few beers and spent some money on the FAB press stall which had some great bargains, i managed to pick up Eastern Condors on DVD which i have been after for ages and a fantastic book on Blaxploitation both for the tiny sum of only £5 each, The Broadway because of The Shining special had put out loads of little hints and bits from the film all over the cinema including a great quad poster, themed beer mats, the ladies toilets as room 237 and even a special beer called Shelly Duv-ale, marvellous! After the quiz had done we headed yet again back to Brew Dog which to be honest by this time was all a bit of a blur, the last thing i seem to recall was me having an argument with Simo about him wanting to come back to my house for a few more drinks and me stating "no chance i have to be up for 6am!" so he then said "ah fuck it, I'm going home" you will be pleased to know he made it home safely.

Simo After his Post-Apocalyptic Pizza!(Notice the cool The Shining beer mats!)

So in summing up it was a fantastic weekend and it's just a shame we have to wait for a whole year but i have heard that The Broadway will be showing The Shining Documentary very soon, so Brew Dog if you are reading this, re-fill your pumps we are heading back!!
A huge thank you from all of us to all the Staff at Broadway for making it in my opinion the best MAYHEM horror festival yet, roll on Halloween!
Jonny T.

A big thumbs up for MAYHEM from me and Emma!

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  1. Cool - we're glad you came and even gladder you enjoyed yourselves!