Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Code Name: Geronimo:One of Obama's biggest moments heads to DVD and Blu-ray!

The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Code Name: Geronimo
24 Dec 2012

From the producer of the multi-Academy Award winning “The Hurt Locker” comes the gripping dramatic account of the US government’s hunt and audacious military operation to apprehend Osama bin Laden.

Oscar and BAFTA winning producer Nicolas Chartier (The Hurt Locker; Killer Joe), director John Stockwell (Dark Tide; Cat Run; The L Word; Paradise Lost; Into The Blue; Blue Crush; Crazy/Beautiful) and stars Cam Gigandet (Easy A; Twilight; The O.C.), Anson Mount (Straw Dogs; All The Boys Love Mandy Lane), Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty; Planet Terror; Six Feet Under), Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner (Bad Lieutenant; Derailed; xXx2: The Next Level), Kathleen Robertson (Boss; Tin Man; The Business), William Fichtner (Entourage; Prison Break), Eddie Kaye Thomas (the American Pie movies) and Robert Knepper (SGU Stargate Universe; Heroes; Prison Break).


Taking its title from the original alias of the covert mission to apprehend Osama bin Laden, Code Name: Geronimo is the gripping account of what has been described as the greatest manhunt in history.
When a tip-off from a Guantanamo Bay detention camp detainee provides the CIA with valuable intel regarding the possible location of Osama bin Laden’s secret hideout, the wheels are set in motion to verify the information and then to eliminate the United States’ most reviled enemy. Convinced they have found their target, the American authorities appoint an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS to take part in one of the most clandestine and audacious military operations of a generation. Initially unaware that their target is the most wanted man in the world, the members of SEAL Team Six begin training for their mission, one that will culminate in a daring night-time raid on the bin Laden compound. This is their story.

Fans of the hit TV series “Homeland” will revel in this thrilling, dramatised true account of the CIA’s hunt for Osama bin Laden, while action and war movie fans who appreciated the likes of “The Hurt Locker”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Green Zone” and “The Kingdom” will delight in the movie’s action set-pieces and its nail-biting finale.


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