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The Casebook Of Eddie Brewer- Reviewed


A documentary film crew follows old-school paranormal investigator, Eddie Brewer, as he becomes involved in two disturbing and baffling cases. A little girl is believed to be possessed by a malevolent entity; and weird and disquieting noises have been heard in the cellar of a rundown Eighteenth Century mansion now used by the local council. Brewer must not only contend with sceptics and rivals in his own field who try to undermine his investigations, but he is dogged by personal guilt over the death of his wife. Facing the greatest challenge of his life, he confronts the source of these paranormal manifestations during an all night vigil at the old house. What begins as a mocking expose of Eddie’s life, becomes a terrifying battle between reason and the paranormal........

Eddie Brewer (Ian Brooker)looks on.

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with my review of The Casebook of Eddie Brewer.
So it was a couple of weeks leading up to Nottingham's MAYHEM horror festival and i was flicking through the booklet when i saw a new British horror film The Casebook of Eddie Brewer, Now this caught my attention mainly because, i love British Cinema, i love a good ghost story and finally over the past few months i have been totally addicted to the great U.S.A TV show Ghost Hunters and the synopsis of the film described it roughly as a documentary team following around a ghost hunter so i thought I'll be there for that.
I quite easily persuaded Emma to come with me as she also has been loving Ghost Hunters so even with her particularly gruelling work schedule that week we got tickets, headed for a pint and then went to see The Casebook of Eddie Brewer and i can safely say i am jolly glad we did.
In attendance on the night were producer Sean Connolly, Director and writer Andrew Spencer and lead actor Eddie Brewer himself Ian Brooker, who were doing a Q&A Session after the screening so i was hoping that it would be good as i got to thinking how awfully embarrassing it would be if it were a dreadful film and everyone left before that started, 1:It was not a dreadful film it was brilliant and 2:Everyone stayed for what was a great and very insightful Q&A session. more of which i will come to later.
The Film is the story of Eddie Brewer played brilliantly by Ian Brooker and tells the story of a old school paranormal investigator troubled by his own ghost's and troubled past stemming from losing his wife in a fire, Eddie is followed around by a camera crew to survey his work and hopefully get the holy grail an actual Ghost on Camera, Eddie is called to the house of Glenda Blakewell and her daughter Lucy and the reports of poltergeist activity which Eddie being Eddie duly obliges and sets up a camera to hopefully record some activity, we find out through the course of the movie that there is indeed a poltergeist within the Blakewell home and Lucy seems to be in more than regular contact with it.

Glenda Blakewell (Bella Hamblin) moving truth

The Girl that plays Lucy (Erin Connolly) plays the role of the child brilliantly with lots of creepy stares into the camera and as in other horror movies the child can get annoying this certainly is not the case with Lucy,From visiting the Blakewell house and seeing Glenda really at the end of the line this seems to trouble Eddie as you can tell he knows that there is a whole lot more to this investigation than meets the eye, we then move on to the main set piece of the film which is set in a derelict 18th century mansion where we see an interview with the caretaker Ray Riddle (Peter Wight) who tells us about his experience's and is clearly very shaken by them as well as reports from others about doors slamming, noises in toilets and ghostly footsteps, this leads Eddie around the mansion with the crew and soon things become very apparent that these people definitely are telling the truth.

Lucy Blakewell (Erin Connolly) smile

I shan't spoil anything but in summing up this movie was a real pleasant surprise and one of my personal highlights of MAYHEM, Ian Brooker who plays Eddie Brewer was superb, He plays the troubled investigator extremely convincingly and as the film progresses you real do fell for his past, his present and indeed his future, the thing that i liked about it mainly that when i first read the synopsis i was thinking it was going to be full of shaky cam which it was not, the sound was brilliant with real creepy noises, the acting from all was top notch, you get great mix of humour and horror and when the horror hits its like a slap in the face after the humour, we also get a great scene on a radio show where he goes head to head with a female sceptic in an very funny scene needless to say she is not so sceptical later on! Also we get a Derek Achora type psychic also played brilliantly by Don Costello (Glen Hill) who when things start kicking off certainly get a whole lot more than he bargained for,  I shall say no more but in the Q&A session after there was mention of a possible sequel as there is a few answers i am dying to find out, the way i saw it was the character of Eddie Brewer really reminded me of David Jason's  character in Frost and i know it may never happen but it would make a brilliant TV show on BBC4, What ever happened to all those great British horror shows? Who knows but  as long as we keep getting great British films like this i for one will be more than happy,Not sure of a DVD release date as yet but will keep my ears open and let you know as soon as i find out, I have stuck below all the links and info you need to keep up with Eddie Brewer and on the subject of the DVD apparently there will hopefully be some extras that include a clip where footsteps can be heard so they have to stop the scene and when they looked in the corridor there was no one there, ooooo spooky!
A totally gripping film from start to finish, British horror at it's finest.
Jonny T.

"Genuinely inspiring independent filmmaking at its best, unsettling and downright creepy. The film builds real suspense and delivers the kind of scares that stay with you. It's a great film." - MAYHEM HORROR FESTIVAL

"The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is engaging and unsettling in turn and features an outstanding performance by Ian Brooker as Brewer." - FANTASTIC FILMS WEEKEND - BRADFORD

"I found it very impressive: great acting and a very good sense for atmosphere and shocks. You managed to create horror by showing very little and suggesting a lot. Fans of ghost films will love it!" - ANDREAS MARSCHALL - (Director Masks and Tears of Kali)

"The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is a film that has some very creepy moments... Fans are in for a treat if they get chance to watch it, make it a must see.” - PAUL METCALF (

"The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is a creepy but down to earth supernatural thriller which delivers some real scares." - IAN KENNEDY (Producers Forum)



Rookery Pictures present an A Spencer Film

Cast includes: Ian Brooker, Peter Wight and Louise Paris

Director:Andrew Spencer

Producers:Andrew Spencer, Ted Ryan, Ian Brooker, Sean Connolly

Writer:Andrew Spencer

Editor:Andrew Spencer

Cinematographer:Andrew Spencer

Composer:Jamie Robertson

Sound Editor:Jamie Robertson


Award so far:

Midnight Black Festival of Darkness (Los Angeles, US) – WINNER Best Supernatural Feature 2012

The Festival of Fantastic Films (Manchester, UK) – WINNER Best Independent Movie 2012

BUFFALO SCREAMS (New York, US) – WINNER Ian Brooker - Best Actor in a Feature 2012

The Film Festival of Colorado – WINNER Best Sci Fi or Horror 2012

The Shock and Gore Festival – WINNER Best New Feature 2012

Selection of Festival Screenings not including the above:

Unreal Film Festival (Memphis, US) - OFFICIAL SELECTION (Upcoming)

MAYHEM Horror Film Festival (Nottingham, UK) – OFFICIAL SELECTION

FREAK SHOW Horror Film Festival (Orlando, US) – OFFICIAL SELECTION

BUFFALO SCREAMS (New York, US) – OFFICIAL SELECTION (Nominated Best International Feature and Best Actor for Ian Brooker)

LA Indie Film Fest (Los Angeles, US) – OFFICIAL SELECTION

ScareFest Horror & Paranormal Convention (Kentucky, US) – OFFICIAL SELECTION

ShockerFest International Film Festival (California, US) – OFFICIAL SELECTION

Fantastic Films Weekend (Bradford, UK) - OFFICIAL SELECTION

Fright Night Film Festival (Kentucky, US) - OFFICIAL SELECTION

Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham, UK) - OFFICIAL SELECTION

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