Monday, 21 January 2013

Grave Encounters 2 - Review

A film student who is obsessed with the movie Grave Encounters sets out with his friends to visit the psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film.

Director: John Poliquin
Writer: The Vicious Brothers
Stars: Richard Harmon, Shawn C. Phillips and Jennica Fulton

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with my review for Grave Encounter 2, Yes that's right the sequel to the asylum bound stretchy faced ghost hunting Grave Encounters!Now as you can see from the above synopsis it is about a guy obsessed with the original movie and the fact the it was in fact real and that non of the actors have been seen since the original movie was released, kind of two scenarios that we have seen in movies before such as obsession with the original movie as in The Human Centipede 2 and no cast heard of again after the release as was the case in Cannibal Holocaust.But this by no means distracts from what a great time i had watching Grave Encounters 2.
The film opens up with various people doing Youtube type videos, some saying how great it was some saying it was a pile of shit, we then come to the last video where we see a young guy saying its great and he believes it is real and the actors are still missing, this leads to us seeing some of his and mates homemade drunken/found footage party clips, then onto the main part about him believing and wanting to seek out where the original Grave Encounters was made and to make a movie based around the events, we get in the meantime a few clips of a slasher he is making that is shown in real time and brings a welcome brake from all the shaky cam stuff, so he persuades his Friends that they will go and make this movie about Grave Encounters, he even manages to find out the whereabouts of the producer of the movie and tries to get him to admit that it was real but to no avail, so he returns and secretly films the guy in an interview wherein he kind of admits it was real, this is like a red rag to a bull and the young boy's wanting to make the film now turns into a must make this film obsession.
They find out where it was made bit cleverly by the Vicious Brothers the name is never pronounced just bleeped out and when the do arrive at the Grave Encounters Asylum even the sign with the name on is blurred out.

So they arrive but are chased off rather heavy handed style by the security guard that really flips out when he See's the camera but obviously undeterred they return at night and manage to get in, pre all this happening they have been contacted by someone telling them it was real by sending them unseen video under the user name of "Death Awaits" who said he shall meet them there at 2am, i won't spoil who this is but it's a pretty good twist.They find there way around the asylum picking out locations for camera's that were key scenes from the 1st movie, the bath tub etc.. Then it all kicks off.
I really can't say too much more but the fact that this is a blast, if you have seen the 1st film you will get all the references and more but if you have yet to see the 1st film i urge you to, as a low budget horror the 1st movie hit all the right parts as a great found footage movie and i would say with Grave Encounters 2 The Vicious Brothers have again ticked all the correct scare/comedic box's with all the right parts in the right place, the ghosts/demons are expanded on within the 2nd film as is the back story, so with the film being able to pick fault a itself and in my opinion improve hugely on the 1st this is a very high recommend for me and indeed Gav the big man who also loved it, So The Vicious Brothers are certainly guys to look out for in the future!
Jonny T.

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