Thursday, 24 January 2013

Great Podcasts-The Corpse Cast.

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with another instalment of  great Podcasts , this week i am featuring The Corpse Cast, Formerly known as The Cadaver lab Podcast with Mike and Sam but when Sam had to leave the show we all held our breath and waited and Mike being the man he his didn't let us down and  came back stronger than Jason Vorhees and returned with the drummer of  Die Monster Die The one and only Shane Diablo to start The Corpse Cast.
Mike has to be one of the most hardworking man in podcast land, as well as The corpse cast we also get Cadaver Indies featuring the awesome Johnny Krueg(also presented Cadaver Lab) as well as Mike's ton of contributions to other projects such as Douchecast, and a ton more stuff, Standing at just over 9 feet tall and sporting a sexy bald head and beard he really his Salt lake City's sexy bald Bigfoot, now on to the new co-host Shane Diablo, as i mentioned he is the drummer with the great band Die Monster, Die! And has A voice that can only be described by saying that it is so gravely and gritty that it makes Batman sound like Pee-wee Herman, Rock'n'Roll!
The show is out on a weekly basis and usually runs over 2 hours but don't let that put you off in any way.
It's a great format with a ton of hilarious feedback with Mike and Shane commenting and pausing as they listen to them back(you may occasionally here me on there!) they then review an album of usually metal/classics then on to the films, it really is a hilarious show and the way the format runs it's perfect for pausing and listening to the next section later as i do during various bus journeys,They also have a great Facebook group which has really taken off, Man Boobs, I shall say no more just go join!!!
So Folks please head over to i-tunes, or the site to get your fix of Corpse Cast, i have stuck  the link below for the official site so you can find everything you need there,Do it,  you will have a blast!
Jonny T.

Official Site for all your needs and why not leave a voice mail!!

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