Monday, 14 January 2013

V/H/S takes you back to the video store this Wednesday!

As you are most aware, “The scariest, rawest horror movie of the year” (Rolling Stone) is shortly upon us; the highly original, brutally uncompromising, creative and diverse ‘V/H/S’ - out in UK cinemas January 18th through Momentum Pictures - but so is a VHS revolution didn't you know!

This Wednesday (16th January) at 6.30pm for one night only, ‘Cellar Rentals’ will exist at the Blackhall Studios in London for an exclusive screening of the film at 7pm complete with popcorn. Should you survive this portion you'll then be able to join us in our loving tribute to the days of VHS as we're building an old-skool rental store for one night only. Look through the covers, enjoy complimentary drinks and other fun items in this rare chance to go back to the heady days of choosing tapes. The best bit of all - you'll get to leave with a rental big box VHS tape of V/H/S! Only 300 exist in the whole entire world and they're numbered and this will be the ONLY SURE WAY to get hold of one of these rare collectors items.

DON'T MISS OUT - this will never happen again!
To book tickets visit:

The official V/H/S fanhub website is at:

Viva la VHS!

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