Wednesday, 30 January 2013

V/H/S is out now! So everyone is invited to one final event!

“The scariest, rawest horror movie of the year” (Rolling Stone) has finally arrived! The celebrated portmanteau horror ‘V/H/S’ is out today on DVD, Blu-ray and download through Momentum Pictures, so make sure you and your readers do not miss out on this genuinely terrifying and exhilarating "Surefire candidate for cult status” (4*, Little White Lies).

Having already opened ‘Cellar Rentals’ courtesy of Momentum Pictures where a rapturous London crowd were transported back to the heady days of searching through racks upon racks of VHS tapes in order to find that perfect Saturday night scare (see what happened here:,
 we decided that one night in the capital (after a lot of sorrow from people outside London who couldn't come) just wasn't enough, so we are bringing it to you…

To welcome the arrival of a truly “Phenomenal piece of work" (5*, Dread Central), we are reopening the doors to ‘Cellar Rentals’ on Friday 1st February for four hours from 2pm to 6pm via Twitter, where a hosted nostalgia-thon will allow us all to chat about videos of yesteryear, the arrival of V/H/S on DVD and Blu-ray and download plus… the final chance EVER to win a copy of V/H/S on VHS in the UK. We'll be using the #InsertVHS4Fear hashtag from @fetchpublicity so make sure you are there to join in on the antics. Do not miss out! We'll have a link to a store filled with cool retro clips, trailers and more to digest and send you back down memory lane one final time.

Here is a list of the hot topics we'll be discussing and getting all excited over on Friday:

2.00pm Classic VHS Action Movies

2.30pm Teen Horrors

3.00pm Fantasy Classics

3.30pm VHS Comedies

4.00pm Banned and Confiscated Movies

4.30pm Sci Fi Rentals

5.00pm A John Hughes tribute

5.15pm Horror Franchises - The Sequels

Please note the above times are GMT!

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