Wednesday, 29 January 2014

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips- Reviewed.

Director: Wonsuk Lee
Writers: Wonsuk Lee, Hye-yeong No
Stars: Jeong-se Oh, Yong-Joon Ahn, Seong-woo Bae

A 'not so attractive girl' is single and loses her chance of promotion at work. Not knowing why, she accidentally buys an old video tape set titled 'How to use Guys with Secret Tips'. May be this video can help her to get through life easier. With doubts and curiosity, she gives it a try. And surprisingly, she gets what she wants at work and the top star LEE falls for her. But can she keep her true love?

“How to use guys with secret tips” is the debut film from Lee Won-Suk and what a d├ębut it is! Starring Lee Si-Young as Choi Bo-Na as a second assistant director, A Sad Tomboy type that wears various colourful hoodies always with the hood up and her fringe down and low esteem. The director she works with rose to fame by doing a sanitary towel add and fancies himself as a rock’n’roll style director who constantly plays his acoustic guitar singing sad songs, basically a bit of a nob! One day he calls her into his office and asks her to help with a pitch he has lined up, But tells her she looks like a “Mutt” and to pick him up at 6. This is just a small amount of the daily barrage she is at the receiving end of, she is clumsy and lacks confidence, always wanting to be like the other attractive girls who constantly berate her on her looks.
One day on a shoot at the beach, she once again tries her best to go about her job when the film’s star man turns up, Shades on, hair slicked back, chiselled features, you know the type! He departs in slo-mo style  from his vehicle removing his shades when his assistant who is carry his dog drops it and it then proceeds to take more than a fancy to his right leg if you know what I mean! She laughs, he sees her, gives a dismissive glance then walks away. She then recalls him from 5 years earlier when we have a flashback of him trying to impress her by getting her to listen to a tune whilst he performs a cringe worthy dance, So is this the turning point she has finally found to think that one day she good be as good and as big as him? Is that what she wants?
The filming wraps up and we see her stood in the ocean barefooted staring off into the distance alone. She then awakes on the beach and everyone has gone, left her alone. She wanders back towards the top of the beach where she sees a very brightly illuminated store selling all manner of self-help videos including one strongly recommended by the stall holder, the one he recommends is called “How to use guys with secret tips!” The guy sells her the VHS and gives her a free present of a where’s Waldo? Book! So she takes it home, moans to herself that it has just cost her $500 but proceeds to watch, the guy on the stall is on the video and goes through various hilarious steps of how she needs to do what she does to fit in.
So after watching the video this is the turning point of the film, she turns up for work wearing a skirt and no hoodie much to the shock and surprise of many of her colleagues, We see the guru video guy pop up on occasion and give us little sound bites, most  of them hilarious, will she fit in? Will she get what she finally wants? Well you’ll just have to watch it and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.
So as I said it’s the directorial debut of Lee Won-Suk and it’s brilliant. Ultra colourful very much in the style of Amelie’s director the great Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Funny, witty brilliant performances and cinematography also has a great soundtrack, what more could you want! Available now on DVD.

Jonny T.

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