Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Kung Fury - Trailer and all round lunacy!

Hello Folks,
Well i have seen the trailer for Kung Fury knocking about for a while now but until this morning not had chance to watch it, But this morning I did and it's off it's tits! It appears it was a kickstarter campaign funded movie with a goal of $200,000 dollars but is now currently on $565,685 with over 16000 people pledging the money. Similar from the looks of it in tone to movies such as Iron Sky, Bitch Slap and Manborg. It tells the tale of a cop from the future sent back in time to battle Hitler who apparently is the meanest bad ass Kung Fu villain of them all! But things appear to go wrong and he ends up in Viking times, well one thing you definitely can say is that it's original! So keep your eye on it, i most certainly will be.Just have a look at the trailer, that's all i can say!
Jonny T.


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