Saturday, 11 January 2014

You're Next - Reviewed

So with The Purge and now You’re Next the “Home Invasion” genre seems to be a popular at the moment and I do have to say out if the 2 films You’re next is definitely the best one!
The film opens up with a lady and a man who have just finished up some sexy time. She then goes to take a show and his butchered by an unknown intruder the man goes to investigate and written on the wall in blood is “YOU’RE NEXT” and indeed he is, great gory opening to the film that sets it up nicely for a big body count to come.
So we then switch to their dead folk’s neighbours, quite a way up the road in this pretty much isolated community. The Family are there for a get together and you see them arrive one by one, the usual bunch, the nice guy, the spoilt brat and his girlfriend, the mum and dad, you get the picture .So with them all there the family sit down  for a meal when one of them (None other than Ti West!) hears something outside and decides to take a peek through the window when “boom!” crossbow bolt straight to the forehead! The family take cover as more bolts rain through the window and try to exit the room A.S.A.P. Wondering what the hell has happened it transpires that one of the son’s girlfriends was brought up on a survivalist camp! So you now have the set up. Unknown strangers outside, A trapped family inside, one dead and a survivalist girl who proceeds to set many a deadly trap.
But just who are the people and how many are there and what are their motivations? And who is behind those creepy as hell masks???Well I won’t spoil any of that as it has some real clever twists and turns. The body count mounts up and the deaths get more violent and inventive. I personally really enjoyed You’re next on the level of turn your brain off, sit back and enjoy the ride! Well shot, gory, funny in places and twists galore you can do a lot worse than this and for me it’s definitely in the top 3 of 2013 horrors.

Jonny T.

You're Next is out on Monday January 13th - Youre-Next-Blu-ray-AMAZON


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