Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Bounty - Reviewed

                Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with my review of the newly released The Bounty. From the writer of Shaolin Soccer Fuing Chih Chiang comes yet another 99mins of fun packed insane Asian madness! The film opens where we see our bounty hunter off a lady called "Tall Girl" her dog back in exchange for money, he hands it her back and she refuses to give him the cash and he is immediately confronted by an extremely muscled china-man, the appears an old guy shouting "Dog thief!"at which-point he decides to just do a runner as the whole street turns-around and looks ready to kill him, as he runs off Tall Girl the turns up on a motorised grain wagon starts spraying him with water and he ends up being dragged by it and flipping 4 wheels out of his suitcase and turning it into a trolley!Yes you can see that Fuing Chih Chiang has certainly lost non of his insanity when it comes to film making! .
The Bounty hunter then gets a call to earn some big money which involves a small hotel called LAZY Inn, to hunt down a fugitive robber Lee Kin Fai. He duly accepts the big job and upon arrival at the Lazy in he is greeted by what has to be said a weird set of characters to say the very least! This then leads to him trying to hide his identity and eventually teaming up with the cleaner who makes most of her money from a side job she has writing horror-scopes for a local newspaper.
The film trots along at a great pace with as you would expect from Fuing Chih Chiang utter lunacy all the way through.Packed with some great action and hilarious scenes this for me was a great laugh.The running time of 99 minutes is just about right and i personally cannot wait to see what his next movie will be.Some great cinematography and top notch acting make this an Asian film well worth owning in my opinion.The Bounty is out now on DVD.
Jonny T.

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