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Nami is a young girl who's early life is quite traumatic, She is in frequent trouble at school something her mother and father don't seem to care about and leave it to her sister to deal with, It comes to a head one day when her mother who is more obsessed with the plight of starving foreign children than her home family just up's and leaves,The father who is devastated but obviously not that much then brings home a mistress Akko Chan, who whilst Nami watches just smiles and keeps taking him into a room and needless to say what goes on in there but when he comes out he looks well and truly knackered! All the previous events happen within I would say the 1st ten minutes of the film so it's very quickly paced and reminded me a hell of a lot of the openeing to the Jean Pieere Jeunet classic Amelie both in the way the visuals are set up and the pacing.

The film then jumps to when Nami turns 20, By this time her father has committed suicide and she has inherited a substantial amount from his death.She now also has a new hobby, Watching people through her binoculars but not just anybody she watches people she calls "Solatarians" who she describes as people who have gone mad through loneliness.She explains the 5 different types of Solitarians she follows and mentions on guy called Mr Inexhaustable who's house she finds and creeps through the door only  to be hit by a rancid stench and various adult magazines scattered aboutthe floor, Then she spots Mr Inexhaustable lying face down on the floor, Rather than being shocked by the sight of a corpse she seems more elated, She flips him over and laughs out loud as she looks down and see that the corpse haS an erection, Still laughing she poses for a "Selfie" with stiffer in more ways than one Mr Inexhaustable!
Nami decides to sit and watch another one of her Solatarians, The one people call The Loon of Central Park who happily ballet dances around the park with a plastic bag full of popcorn flinging it through the air for the pigeons, He doesn't bother anybody but one day whilst being watched by Nami a group of teenagers decide to pick on him, at first he is beaten but then gets a pitbull like grip with his teeth on the back of one of the teenagers hands and will NOT let go resulting in a big chunk of flesh being bitten from the bullies hand, He screams and runs off with the group whilst The Loon of Central Park just picks it out of his teeth and carries on with his day, Once again much to the delight of Nami!

Nami bumps into her sister after several years of not seeing her and her sister explains to her how she really does "Like The Ordinary" and from what iv'e said so far you can obviously tell that Nami is the exact opposite of her sister!
All of the above happens within the 1st 40 minutes of the film which brings me again to the pacing of it again, it's constant and never drags at any point, Brilliantly filmed, Doesn't in anyway shy away from the violence. So in summing up I would highly recommend Greatful Dead, Very funny in places but always with extremely dark undertones right until the very last frame, Asian cinema at it's finest.
Jonny T.
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Monday January 26th 2014



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