Sunday, 18 January 2015

Unfriended - Trailer, looks shit!

Unfriended made by MTV and touted as a new genre to horror hits theatres in April 2015. Now you've had you fill of found footage by now surely and I may be sounding cynical but from the trailer you have 6 screens of found footage a one time to sit through and you know for a fact that you will sit there for at least an hour be for anything remotely interesting will happen then it will all happen in the last 15 minutes without any real conclusion, Now that's just my guess and slap me if i'm wrong but seeing the trailer  I am not holey convinced by the looks of it. But then again it's probably not aimed at me but aimed at teenagers who will be scared shitless by someone screaming on a webcam. It probably cost fuck all to make and will make a shit load of money money money , Ah the state of horror!
Erm, Rant over,
Jonny T.

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