Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rabies (Kalevet) reviewed

From Israel 2010 comes the 1st film of writers/Directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado who later went on to direct the rather excellent Big Bad Wolves.
The film opens up with a girl trapped down a hole put there by some psychopath and her bother desperately trying to rescue her. He tries and tries but to no avail, He runs to get help and she hears what sounds like screaming. Now on to a park ranger, his lady and their dog who are just wondering through the woods, have a little conversation and she decides to go for a walk, Next up we see a car with 4 tennis players, 2 boys, 2 girls.They stop when one of the girls has to take a pee in the woods then drive on hitting the brother that is looking for help.
 In the meantime the psychopath returns to get the girl out of the hole when he see's the rangers dog, He coxes it over to him only to slit the poor dogs throat. The ranger notices his dog missing so goes looking only to find is dead dog then spots the psychopath walking away with the girl over his shoulder, he takes aim with his tranquilliser gun and shoots twice, Once hitting the girl then hitting the psychopath who still  managers to run off.
Back to the 4 in the car and the brother who they think they have killed but he comes around and tells them about his sister, so one of the girl calls the police whilst the boys go off to find his sister, when the cops arrive the are not the nicest of people to say the very least! They don't believe a word the girls are saying as one of them are covered in blood from the brother that they hit, so what is going on?...............

To be honest I wasn't too sure but I sure did like it, It has no straight formulaic story and you can never really tell what will happen next or who will be killed next and who will be left at the end.The way the story brings all the characters together is excellent and all the characters themselves are brilliantly played, For a d├ębut it's brilliant as was their next film Big Bad Wolves, so in summing up if you've not yet seen either films I would definitely recommend you do as soon as possible!
Rabies 8/10
Jonny T.


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