Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Hobbit:The Battle of the five armies - Reviewed.

So finally the final Hobbit film from the Hobbit book prequels to lord of the rings type things, Well it was said with the announcement  of the first Hobbit movie how will they stretch such a short book out into three movies? And unfortunately this movie proved that The Hobbit : The battle of the five armies was a Hobbit movie too far, In my opinion.Frustrating is a word I would use at the end of last film when you finally got to see Smaug awaken and fly full in fiery effect towards the town to destroy it and all who lived there only after 2hrs 45min and that climax building it finished! 
So having to wait a whole year was a little bit of a piss take but was it worth it?

Well for me it really wasn't, Probably the best part of the film for me comes within the 1st 15 minutes with Smaug attacking the town, but of course he gets defeated and all is supposedly return to normal or is it? No, Greedy Dwarves that's the problem, Mostly Thorin the Dwarf king who with Smaug out of the way wants to take back the mountain of gold (or whatever it's called) Get the heart of the mountain back that is a jewel that lays somewhere amongst the treasure and place it back above the throne and he will rule all kingdoms and be rich you know how it goes. But he like his father is blinded by greed and wants everything and not to share one coin with anyone else, So obviously after all fighting together to defeat Smaug this pisses of the Elves and all others, We also have approaching a massive army of Orcs who don't get on with anyone so when the arrive there will definately be no sharing! 
The whole of the 1st half of the film builds up to the huge battle between all the five armies as well as little nod's to The Lord Of The Rings Films with a great scene with Christopher Lee and Cate Blanchet helping Gandalf and setting up the 1st of those movies, But although it was a great scene it happens way too much for my liking, although on one hand yes of course it needs to be in there but on the other hand it kind of left me feeling a bit flat because by this stage you obviously know what will ultimately happen, Bilbo the main Hobbit is in many life threatening situations but you know he isn't going to die, Gandalf seems to play second fiddle to whatever is happening and unfortunately for me it just didn't work. I think in any franchise although there are not that many with 6 to it's name its difficult to maintain a great standard throughout. Now what I am saying is not that it looks poor, Badly made, Badly directed and badly acted, Not by any means, It looks incredible as all the films do I think the thing for me was that we have seen all the Giants, Orcs, Eagles and pretty much everything else on screen so many times before that for me personally the wow factor had long gone. 
So in summing up it is worth seeing and I did purely go based  on the fact that I had seen all previous 5 films at the cinema so I couldn't not see the final one, For me at least it left a flat feeling to a great franchise.
Jonny T.


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  1. Great write-up Emma! I saw BOTFA a few weeks back - enjoyed it!