Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dogwoof presents Manakamana - Reviewed

Now you know when someone says "Ive never seen anything quite like it" well after watching Manakaman that's exactly what I thought.
It tells or rather shows the story of Pilgrims taking a cable car journey to the sacred Hindu temple of Manakamana, I really didn't know what to expect when I stuck it on and the 1st ten minutes is just a shot of an old man and young boy taking the pilgrimage from the view that you are sat opposite them. The old man has a very stern weathered looking old face and the  only reaction you get from the young boy is when the cable car goes over the various pylons shaking the car and terrifying the young boy.
The car then goes into darkness and then our next passengers get on and that is basically it all the way through! The first bit of dialogue comes some 25 minutes in with three old ladies telling each other some funny stories, These passengers as with all we see are oblivious to the fact that you are sat opposite them. We get a 3 young metal heads who also have a kitten and it really is fascinating to watch and something very different. The bonus features on the disc give you more in-depth insight into the pilgrimage and all the facts behind it.
A truly mesmerising watch and if at first you think what is going on please stick with it as it is a really well made documentary that gives you a real good feel factor with the final journey.
Great Stuff.
Jonny T.


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