Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Well you know the formula for Asian horror,Run Down old apartment blocks,Sun never shines,Long haired creepy ghost girls and Hopping Vampires yes this has it all,But the hopping vampire is not as in the likes if Mr Vampire this one is a real nasty bastard!
The film opens with a guy looking up at the apartment block and basically saying how did it all get so shitty?We then move on to see a one time big actor moving into a small grotty flat much to the excitement of the caretaker at having a celebrity move in.You can tell straight away that the film star is depressed,We see a flashback that tells you that his wife amd family are dead.Next we cut back to him having covered his whole flat in white sheeting and standing on a coffee table with a noose around his neck having his last cigarette.It appears that at the last minute he has changed his mind but slips and looses his footing thus tightening the noose.This is where you get to see some ultra stylish fillm making with all kinds of visions flash before him as he nears death but luckily for him as that final moment approaches we see a neighbour burst in and cut the rope and sparing his life.

Within his dying visions he sees a sheet rise from the floor and it takes the form of some weird ghost demon whilst all kind of dark mists enter his body from all sides of the room but luckily for him his neighbour known as brother Yau enters the room and cuts him from being fully taken by death.
We next see him sat alone in the apartment blocks little basement  cafe. Brother Yau sees him and cooks up 2 lots if rice and gives him one and walks away.He's not the most sympathetic of people to say the least.Sat there on his own with a beer and rice for nearly an hour, He is approached by a kind old lady who persuades him to eat and tells him her hobby is sowing which spurns him into conversation about some of his old movie costumes  he still has although a little tatty he mentions them and she happily says she'd help him fix them up.She also mentions to him "Have you noticed anything strange about your apartment 2442?"............
The old lady has a husband who goes out to throw away trash and notices and the bottom of the stairs crouched up a small child obviously a ghost,It seems that its not just room 2442 the spirits are confined to it is the whole building.The old man has an unfortunate and very violent so it seems accident and his wife is heart broken.A ritual is performed by another tenant that he must remain in the bathroom in the clothes he is now in and the iron shingle mask he is wearing must not be removed and he shall return,But it doesn't work out as that and hello Hoping Vampire!!

I shall say no more as to spoil it but Rigor Mortis wears its influences firmly on its sleeve and brilliantly it does it as well.It has it's comedic moments but they are few and far between,It is a dark dark movie.The two girl ghosts when the arrive are brilliantly done as is the Vampire. Super slow motion shows off some fantastic cinematography and direction. The only let down for me was that it slowed down a fair bit and the ending if i am perceiveing it correctly was very weak but in saying that it is one of the best asian horrors i have seen in a long long time.
Jonny T

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