Thursday, 5 February 2015

Poltergeist 2015 Trailer - Stick it!

Wow look the trailer for the remake of Poltergeist has arrived and it looks shit, Now be warned I am about to rant.................
Point is that remakes are generally shit

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake-SHIT
Friday the 13th Remake - SHIT
Halloween Remake - SHIT
Who can kill a child? remake -SHIT
A Nightmare on Elm Street remake - SHIT
Any Western remake of any Asian films - SHIT
There are as you know a shit ton more that are SHIT,
I'm personally really bored of all this Insidious, Conjuring, Annabelle, Paranormal activity boring no depth or more annoyingly originality bollocks, I know that it's an easy way for massive studio's to make "A quick Buck" and they do indeed make millions from all the obvious leading up jump scares that are so obvious it at least stops the kids looking at their phones for the odd 3 minutes several times during a film to scream out, But honestly as horror fans you must be fucked off with it by now surely?
Thank whichever god you wish to worship for films such as Starry eyes, What we do in the shadows and a good few more that filter through and get the praise they deserve so true fans there is still a light at the tunnel. Horror is not dead!
Now, This trailer I was quite intrigued with what Ghost house  had done with it, Sam Raimi being a massive fan and even paying homage to it at the end of Drag me to hell with the pool/grave skeleton scene,But to me it looks fucking awful, The names have changed but OK I'll take that but the bad CGI and it's basically the same, yes there are going to be a bit of new stuff here and there but it once again appears that i's jump scare after jump scare after jum..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I really remember jumping loads of times when i watched the original, Oh hang on no I didn't because I didn't need it!! Anyway I could go on all night but when I see it which you know i'll do as all us horror fans will do because it what we do i'll drop the review,
Here be he trailer, Meh!
Jonny Ranty T.
last bit... the end of the trailer with the girl on the stairs,,, fuck off!!But you can see it in 3D and IMAX oh do go on,spend those extra pennies!

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  1. How can you have a Poltergeist movie without Heather O`Rourke ! ?, the very idea is totally absurd ! ! !.