Sunday, 22 February 2015

Honeymoon - Reviewed

A recently married young couple decide to do it all themselves and leave for a quiet honeymoon to a remote cabin in the woods where the young lady used to holiday many years ago. All seems fine upon arrival where they get to the cabin and it is planned so that it is a time period where its before the main holiday season so nobody is around.
They decide to take a walk and come upon a local restaurant where a local guy is smashing things up and screams at them that they are closed.He then recognises the newly wed lady from years ago and his tone changes to very pleasant. We then see his wife who is acting sheepish and quite weird.
They decide to head back and settle down for the night.Whilst sleeping a weird light seems to enter the cabin shining on the girl. The next night the husband wakes up to find his wife not in bed.He searches the cabin but she is no where to be seen.He walks through the woods only to find his wife standing naked in silence covered in all kinds of strange marks.....
My thoughts on Honeymoon are basically it was OK for a Sunday afternoon film but nothing that special . The acting and direction are pretty solid and there are some good gross scenes but ultimately it left me feeling a bit flat.One of those films where you're not sure what's happening throughout and when you find out (kind of) it's not that great.You know that annoying feeling where you look at the running time and think "it's going end in a minute" Frustrating feeling.Not bad but not great.
Jonny T.

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