Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Come Out and Play- Who can kill a child remade.

Hello folks,
Jonny T here with some stills from director Makinov's new movie Come out and play the remake of the classic Who can kill a child, Now for me Who can kill a child is one of my all time favourites and very hardly seen and has a massive cult status and if you have not seen the original i urge you to do so. I was unsure at first about the news of this remake but looking into it and seeing the cast and director and the previous works and of course the newly released stills it sure does look like they have done it justice, starting to be shown now around the festival circuits it sure does look like it could be one of the highlights of the year, There does seem to be very little about it anywhere at the moment i can't even seem to find a poster or trailer! But as i see and hear more i will be sure to let you all know.
Jonny T.

Come out and Play-Newly released stills.

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