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Interview with Steven C. Miller

Hello Steven and thank you for taking time to answer some questions for the readers of Jonny’s Cult Films, I have just seen The Aggression scale and what can I say, it was awesome! I must admit I wasn’t expecting it to be as violent as it was, I see with The Aggression it is a slight departure from your usual horror movies, what made you try this approach?

 No Prob! Thanks for watching and I'm stoked you enjoyed it. Ive always thought of myself as an action director and this film was a chance for me to show that I could play in that world.

One of my favourite characters in the movie was Bellavance played by the great actor Ray Wise, how did you manage to get him on board The Aggression Scale?

Ray is a fantastic human being and he just loved the material. He totally got the role and wanted to be on board.

Another great actor was Ryan Hartwig who played Owen brilliantly and is definitely a great young actor to watch and has a looks like he has a solid future, how did he come to be chosen for the role of Owen?

Travis Stevens did a great job finding him for one of his other films and asked me if I thought he would work. I had one dinner with Ryan and his Father and said yes immediately. He was just that cool and totally got the role.

“Home Alone for Horror fans” is a phrase I have seen to describe The Aggression Scale, I do agree but also I thought with a twist of Rambo! Were there any films you drew on for inspiration for the movie?

Love all those descriptions! I watched films like Rambo, Home Alone, Panic Room, and old Bronson films for most of my inspiration. I wanted to create a giant hybrid. I’m glad it seemed to work!

Talking of inspiration, what would you say would be your earliest memories of movies and what made you want to go into making them?

My earliest memories were films like ET, The Goonies, Back To The Future, and Evil Dead 2. The movies got such huge reactions from the audience and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make take people away from their everyday problems and transport them to a place where they could have some fun.

I see that your 1st feature “Automaton Transfusion” was picked up by the huge company that is The Weinstein Company, which must have been great and obviously has led to bigger things, how did the meeting with them come about?

Through word of mouth really. The film was getting major buzz throughout the horror community and it landed me in their offices. It was a huge opportunity and one that I'm completely grateful for.

In a busy year I see that your feature Under The Bed is getting great reviews and I personally can’t wait to see it! Was your choice to make this built on any childhood memories of monsters under your bed?

Definitely! My brothers and I would make up all kinds of stories to scare our selves at night and the biggest one was always about monsters under our bed. I love the old Amblin films that had kids taking on adult material and this was exactly what the script was. A really fun kids movie that happens to get ultra violent.

Another film is set be released later this year by you in a very busy year is called “Silent Night” and I was talking with you on Twitter about it and you said “It will be bloody!” Bring it on I say! Do you have a release date as yet?

They are looking at early December! It really is a fun flick about Santa and his AXE. It will bring the blood and the fun.

I Have heard that “Silent Night” is a remake of the classic “Silent Night Deadly Night” is a remake, is this true and were you offered this title or was it something you chose to do?

It is a remake but a very loose remake. It really focuses more on our killer as Santa and doesn’t dive into crazy backstory. It keeps the terror going from scene one. It was a film that was offered to me. I was really excited when they brought me the script. It gave me a chance to do a slasher, which I always wanted to do.

I see that you have also got some great names in Silent Night such as Malcolm Mcdowell , Jamie King and the very underrated in my opinion Lisa Marie, What was it like working with such great actors and were you nervous?

They were all amazing! Its impossible to be nervous when they were such fantastic people. They put me at ease right away. We had to make the film in a short amount of time and it was such a relief to have such amazing talent. I was really fortunate.

So with The Aggression Scale, Under the Bed and Silent night all coming out this year you can certainly say it’s been a busy one to say the least, could you tell us of any future projects you have coming up?

I have a couple and although I cant really talk about them yet, I will say they will be INTENSE!

Any final words for your fans and the readers of Jonny’s Cult Films? Thanks so much for everyone support!

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