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The Agression Scale-Comes to DVD and Blu-Ray Reviewed.

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Jonny T here with my review of i must say the really quite great The Aggression scale, Directed by Steven C. Miller, it is described as Home Alone for the horror generation, i can see why although i would probably call it Rambo VS Home Alone,With Rambo being the awesome Owen, The film opens up with several shocking deaths then the story unfolds about a Mobster who has had some money stolen and sends out his hitmen to find out who has the money and to get it back! 
Now from that basic outline it sounds probably a little familiar and yes indeed for the 1st 15 minutes or so it probably is although the level of violence within those 1st 15 minutes is very high to say the least, So the story then shifts to the family, Father and Mother and the children Lauren and Owen, We see them arrive at their beautiful new home, the child Lauren is your typical moody teenager who hates the thought of having to move to the country although she is somewhat pacified when the promise of a car so she can visit friends seems to cheer her up, then we meet Owen(Ryan Hartwig), To say he is a little disturbed would be a slight understatement, but that is only an advantage for his big sister with the events that eventually unfold,put it this way if you were ever in her situation you would definitely want Owen as your brother watching your back! So you kind of see where this is going, yep (spoiler alert!!) the Dad  has the money and the bad ass mobsters track him down. I wont say what happens but needless to say that the mobsters take very harsh retribution on both Mum and Dad, now we hit the main part of the film where we realise that turns into Owen and Lauren VS The Mobsters, pedal to the floor!!
This is where the film in my opinion really takes off, with the Mobsters realising that they need to dispatch of Owen and Lauren and it's a no hols barred blood fest, the very first sly escape from the mobsters is a trap set by Owen and with this first trap you get a bloody taster of what's to come out of his twisted mind and expertise in devising graphically nasty traps, basically Owen and Lauren manage an escape through the window hotly pursued by a mobster and when the mobster leans out of the window to see where they are he puts his hand on the window ledge only to put them straight on some very well placed upright Stanley knife blades, to be honest this really is a wince inducing "ouch, WTF!" leg twitching 1st trap!! But fear not this is only the beginning!! So in summing up, The Aggression Scale said to be low budget but in my opinion this really doesn't show.The acting is top notch, especially as i have said from Owen(Ryan Hartwig), the fx are brutal and done extremely well, To be honest i was not expecting too much, you know the score when you have seen the DVD blurbs on countless films "The best film since the last one etc....." but this is a fine film from director Steven C.Miller and he is also releasing this year Silent Night a blood soaked Santa with an Axe movie, roll on Christmas!!
Jonny T. 

The Agression Scale is available now on DVD AND BLU-RAY!!------ The Aggression Scale

The Aggression Scale
“Damn near perfect.” – BeyondHollywood.com.

“Home Alone” meets “First Blood” as two teen siblings take on a group of vicious hitmen in this tense and brutal home invasion thriller from up-and-coming genre director Steven C. Miller.

Directed by Steven C. Miller (Scream Of The Banshee; Zombie Transfusion), the man behind the soon-to-be-released suburban nightmare shocker “Under The Bed” and the highly anticipated reboot of the 1984 cult classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night”.
Written by Ben Powell (Satanic), the film stars Ryan Hartwig (Parks And Recreation; Cold Case), Fabianne Therese (John Dies At The End) and Derek Mears (Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides; Predators; Friday The 13th) and reunites “Twins Peaks” stars Ray Wise (Mad Men; X-Men: First Class; Reaper) and Dana Ashbrook (Crash; The Kill Point).


Released from prison on bail for 48 hours after being charged with murder, ruthless crime boss Reg Bellavance is planning on avoiding a life behind bars by skipping the country with his young son. But first he needs to lay his hands on the illegally gained stash of cash he had put aside to fund his departure. Bellavance places the task of finding the money in the hands of hitman Lloyd and his accomplices, instructing them to hunt down and kill anybody who could possibly have been involved in the money’s disappearance. Their bloody trail of murder and destruction eventually leads to the new home of Bill and Maggie Rutledge and their kids, Lauren and Owen. On paper, this particular hit should be the easiest and most rewarding of the lot. What Lloyd and his goons don’t know – but are soon to find out – is emotionally disturbed Owen has a secret history of violent behaviour that makes their exploits look like child’s play in comparison.

“A quick in-and-out, fast paced jolt of entertainment, starting with a solid and engaging build up and finishing off with a second half full of intensity and brutal practical effects-fuelled violence, much of it at the hands of our badass little mute hero.” – FreddyInSpace.com.

“Enjoyable indie thriller… good, violent fun.” – DVD Verdict.

“Clever, sleazy and breezy crime thriller… Home Alone meets Rambo… one hell of a fun flick.” – Dread Central.

“Establishes Miller as one of the most promising indie filmmakers working today.” – Dread Central.

“A cult classic in the making… There's enough blood and mayhem to keep the gorehounds happy, and for the fans out there who look for a little more brains than blood in their viewing choices, they should be satiated by Powell's wickedly violent story and Miller's ability to turn the usual home invasion flick into one of the more unusual and clever games of cat and mouse fans have ever experienced.” – Dread Central.

“Tense, well-acted, well-paced, full of thought-provoking, believable characters, and teeming with gunshot gore. But above all else it’s entertaining down to the last scene.” – HorrorHappyHour.com.

“A demented crowd-pleaser that’s both suspenseful and entertaining… a cool little roller-coaster of a slasher film, complete with some sick gags and clever death sequences.” – EFilmCritic.com.

“A fun ride, and one any lover of dark cinema should be willing to take.” – Dread Central.

“Certainly one of the more outrageously violent examples of the sub-genre you’re likely to come across.” – FearNet.com

“A tough-as-nails indie stalk/chase/revenge thriller… a low-budget ass-kicker.” – FearNet.com

“A thrilling and violent film that puts a new spin on the fight of good versus evil.” – Blu-ray.com.

“Entertaining, gripping, and original… one of the surprises of the year. It's taught, enthralling, and relentless. This is one of the top action films of 2012.” – Blu-ray.com.

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