Monday, 24 September 2012

The Raid- Reviewed By Jonny T

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with my thoughts on The Raid, Well i have just finished watching and feel like i have been beaten up!
The story has a basic premise of a gangland boss (who reminded me of Gary Oldman in Leon) occupying a tower block and living at the top surrounded by CCTV Scarface style and Henchmen also it seems that everyone who inhabits the block is also in with him, It tells the story of our hero Rama (Iko Uwais) who takes up the mission leaving his pregnant wife at home giving everything to fight for when it all kicks off and boy does it kick off, We see the gangland boss at the start at the top of the tower block with 5 guys taped to chairs which are sitting on a plastic sheet, he casually without flinching walks up to them one by one and shoots them in the back of the head until he gets to the last guy and runs out of bullets, he puts the gun on his shoulder and says "look after this for me" goes to his desk drawer, opens it and although there are bullets in the he decides to go for the claw hammer and then takes out the last guy with a massive blow to his head, one mean nasty mother fucker!
So we see the team finally getting to the tower block and under instruction of the head police officer who basically tells them that this guy has taken the piss far too long and now it's time to take him out, enter the block and start The Raid!

So there you have the basic set up, from here on in it is a you may have heard pretty much damn near non-stop action, the police enter the building with great stealth and when the arrive on one of the floors they come across a teenage boy who freezes at the sight of SWAT officers pointing about 20 guns at him, he turns and runs and makes it through the door on the other side where we then see him shout to his friend looking down from an upper floor "POLICE!!" Then there is a fantastic shot of one of the officers shooting and the slow motion bullet going through the door and blasting in to the teenagers neck, The start of the gorefest and action a go-go! This shout from the teenager alerts everyone in the building and word rapidly gets back to the big boss man, who makes a brilliant announcement an the tower block tannoy system saying that anyone who takes out all the police will get to live in the block for a year rent free!
I won't go in to too much more detail about the storyline but it's not a simple as it first appears with a good few plot twists and suprises along the way, Director Gareth Evans and main star Iko Uwais team up brilliantly and the combination of Gareth's stunning camera angles and Iko's stunning martial arts skills make this a stand out head and shoulders above many many action films out there today, When the violence kicks off it is cranked up to 11, it's starts with a ton of gun battles and when the bullets run out we resort to Fists and Machetes, Martial arts and gore galore, That's what made it great for me personally was not just the fact that it was martial arts but with the VERY gory use of weapons and objects from anything that has been smashed up and are to hand is not only clever but done with so much pace and gusto and the editing as in the martial arts scenes is mind blowingly fast.

So in summing up, The Raid is a blast, If you are or are not a fan of martial arts i urge you to watch this now, it's a balls to the wall non stop action gun/martial arts gore fest, and Dear Hollywood if you are listening this DOES NOT need a remake this IS how it should be done,
Jonny T.
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