Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hello folks,
Well i finally got around to seeing [REC]GENESIS And i can say i was not disappointed! The difference this time is that Paco Plaza directed this on his own and around 15/20 minutes in we lose the shaky cam, so it turns into a full blown horror film and when i say full blown i MEAN full blown!
The story starts off with a wedding video and the happy couple on what should be the happiest  their lives and through the wedding ceremony and early part of the evening do it most certainly is until..........

Well, We get to see a guy called Uncle who is a vet and whose arm it seems to have had a disagreement with a dog's teeth, bandaged up but still bloody he shrugs it off as a hazard of his job, but this is where things start getting creepy and i mean creey, every time the camera pans to where uncle is he looks weirder, now we all know how uncles at weddings get pissed and usually undo their shirts and dance with a pint of Guinness then maybe start a fight (or is that just my family???) but no, this uncle isn't drunk there is something far far more sinister flowing threw his system than the demon booze!
We see the happy crowd dancing away, annoying children everywhere and drunken shenanigan's then the camera shoots up to the balcony where good old uncle looks like he's going to fall and then he does, BOOM!Straight into a table but he most certainly ain't dead, arise uncle and start the flesh eating!! So there you go, it's started and i have to say it just does not stop from that point on, the bride and groom through no fault of there own get separated and then it becomes both's mission their reunite amongst they chaos that now has become the goriest most terror filled day of their lives.

So there you have the basics of [REC]GENESIS, The difference between  [REC]GENESIS and the 1st 2 movies is not only is it directed solely by Paco Plaza but it does as with the other films completely throw you off track, the way it does it this time for me was the fact that we lose the handheld camera and the humour is very much more tongue in cheek, but it does not for 1 minute try and be anything else, i found it completely satisfying and great addition to the series and cannot wait for number 4! Now i maybe sounding a little bias and maybe as a huge fan of the series i am but to me it had that real old school feel of say Evil Dead 2 or Intruder to it , And you gotta love a movie with a bride with a chainsaw! So in my opinion if you did or didn't enjoy the 1st 2 movies you really should check this one out, [REC]GENESIS Kicks ass, as simple as that!! 8/10

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