Tuesday, 16 October 2012

BBC's greatest ever sitcom - a clip to cheer you!

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Jonny T here with an awesomely funny clip from the soon to be released ultimate boxset of Classic BBC comedy Men Behaving Badly,First thing's first, to celebrate the arrival of the “greatest sitcom in the BBC's history”; the sharp, brilliantly observant and consistently laugh-out-loud funny Men Behaving Badly, let's crank up the volume and enjoy this absolute television classic clip titled “Four Eyed Tony”: Packed full of a ton of stuff including some uber rarely seen and heard bits this is a great boxset for those cold winter nights!
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Jonny T.

Men Behaving Badly 20th Anniversary The Complete Collection

On DVD 29 Oct 2012

“I shouldn’t admit to this, but I’ve been watching the Men Behaving Badly repeats on TV and laughing like a git!”

Wahey mates! The “greatest sitcom in the BBC’s history” and a true benchmark for every sitcom that followed, the sharp, brilliantly observant and consistently laugh-out-loud funny “Men Behaving Badly” comes to DVD in a fantastic 20th Anniversary collection that, for the first time, brings together every episode of all six classic series along with the four specials and the rarely-seen Comic Relief sketches.

Martin Clunes (Doc Martin; Reggie Perrin; William And Mary), Neil Morrissey (Me And Mrs. Jones; Line Of Duty; Waterloo Road), Caroline Quentin (Life Of Riley; Blue Murder; Life Begins), Leslie Ash (Holby City; Where The Heart Is), writer Simon Nye (Reggie Perrin; Flushed Away; Hardware) and director Martin Dennis (Friday Night Dinner; How Not To Live Your Life; Life Of Riley; Coupling), not to mention Harry Enfield and… Kylie!


Flatmates Gary and Tony are your typical “lads”, a pair of irresponsible, politically incorrect and seriously juvenile men who refuse to grown up and whose idea of heaven is sitting on the sofa, drinking lager, talking about women and putting the world to rights while watching Kylie Minogue videos on the TV. The one sobering influence in their lives is Dorothy, a sensible, sharp-witted nurse and Gary’s long-suffering girlfriend. But the dynamics between this trio of friends soon change when a gorgeous blonde moves into the flat upstairs and Tony falls desperately in lust.

An unmissable TV viewing fixture during its initial broadcast during the 1990s and deservedly voted the best sitcom in the BBC’s history at the corporation’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the truly classic “Men Behaving Badly” still stands as one of the funniest TV series of all time, thanks in no small part to Simon Nye’s brilliant writing. This eight-disc release features every MBB moment ever broadcast and amounts to over 20 hours of unreconstructed male merriment. It’s time to get the beers in, order a pizza and watch the telly!

Special Features:
All six complete series of the show including the rarely-seen first series starring Harry Enfield.
The 1997 Christmas Special, “Jingle Balls”.
The Final Trilogy of feature-length specials, “Last Orders”.
The Comic Relief sketches from Red Nose Day 1997 and 1999, “Kylie” and “The Lost Pilot”.
A brand new BBC Radio 4 documentary on the show.
Outtakes, bloopers and more.

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