Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Casebook of Eddie Brewer- Mayhem Festival update.

Hello Folks,

Jonny T here with as promised an update on this years MAYHEM horror festival in Nottingham, It has just been announced that along with the showing of the great looking The Casebook of Eddie Brewer the director Andrew Spencer,producer Sean Connolly and star of the film Ian Brooker will all be in attendance!
I Have stuck a direct link below to get your tickets as well as the trailer and the official site which is packed full of great Eddie Brewer stuff, More news and updates for MAYHEM as i get them,
See You there!
Jonny T.

MAYHEM Horror Festival--- MAYHEM horror Festival

Links For Tickets-- http://www.broadway.org.uk/events/film_the_casebook_of_eddie_brewer

Official Site--- www.thecasebookofeddiebrewer.com

Facebook Group-- www.facebook.com/eddiebrewerfilm

Eddie Brewer on Twitter-- www.twitter.com/eddiebrewerfilm

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  1. Hey Jonny,

    Sean Connolly here (co-producer) of 'The Casebook of Eddie Brewer'... Thank you so much for featuring our film on your site ...

    By the sound of it you'll be going to MAYHEM in Nottingham, please say hi, it'd be great to meet you in person, hope you enjoy the film. If you do reviews, please feel free to 'do' Eddie..!!

    Thought I'd mention that Eddie Brewer has a dedicated website at www.thecasebookofeddiebrewer.com, if you could please update your post when you have chance that would fantastic, thx ...

    The film also has a Facebook page to follow at
    www.facebook.com/eddiebrewerfilm and Twitter at

    Cheers Jonny, see you in Nottingham..?

    Sean Connolly sean@thecasebookofeddiebrewer.com