Saturday, 20 October 2012

Zedic and the Crimson Born-Review By Jonny T.

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Jonny T here with a review of Short Film Zedic and the Crimson Born, I was recently contacted by Producer Dan O'conner and asked if i would like to feature his new project, now you know us over here at Jonnys cult films we do love the indie flicks and are more than happy to support anyone with great ideas and i do have to say that Zedic and the Crimson Born has these in abundance!
It tells the story of our main character Nick Madern who has the feeling that since his birth there has been something inside him that doesn't feel quite right, He tries to state this on several occasions to his unsympathetic family to no avail especially from his sister who says in a great line "Face it Big Brother, your crazy!" We see several scenes of him, one when he walks down the street and a girl he passes appears to have an Halo, then we cut to another great scene where we see a guy sitting in a park with his back to us and is approached by a homeless drunk who asks him for a cigarette and the man does no more than to wave his hand in a mysterious manner and the scene switches to slo-mo with red glowing lights emitting from his hands and basically that sorts out that bum!

We eventually come to a scene in an alleyway where Nick comes across the mysterious man who explains to him the meaning of his visions and how he should not be afraid but embrace the power he has,This seems to both satisfy him yet on another level it confuses him to why it is him that has been chosen, but this is not the only time the mysterious man appears to Nick, the next time he appears it really does all come to light.
Now i do have to say that for the running time of just over 7 minutes there is loads of stuff crammed in, but not in anyway in a bad way and you will find yourself watching it twice at least i did!The Camera work is solid as is the acting, The special FX are pretty impressive for a short indie film and i have seen way to many so called Big Budget features with way more terrible FX than this so for me that makes it very impressive indeed, So in summing up if you like or have yet to sample and of Dan's work this is a definite recommend from me,  Zedic and the Crimson Born seems to be a great start for a very bright future in film making,and there are also plans to make this into a full length feature, so definately a team of filmakers to keep your eye on. If have also stuck some links below so you can hop over and rent the movie online for $.99!
Jonny T.

Dan O'Conner


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