Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Great Podcasts- Motion Picture Massacre

Hello Folks!
Jonny T here doing a new feature each week and a bit of pimping for some great podcasts i listen to, whether you listen or don't to podcasts i will be bringing you my personal favourites and my reasons why you should listen.These will be in no particular order of preference as in my opinion they all kick ass!
First up is Motion Picture Massacre, Run solely by good buddy of mine Vaughn this is a long running and a great one man podcast covering everything from Pinky Violence to the most obscure horror and cult films out there. I have listened to this show for the last couple of years now and have found out of countless titles thanks to Vaughn and Motion picture massacre, The thing i like about it mostly apart from being one of the very few podcasts around that covers obscure genres is the fact the with Vaughn you get no bullshit and he tells it straight down the line how it is, It was a weekly show(god knows how he managed that) But with congratulations to Vaughn on the arrival of  new member to his family he has just posted a new show after deservedly having the last couple of months off and now will hopefully bi-weekly, you can head over to his site and check out all the previous shows as well as follow his blog, the thing is for me the show never tires and i have found myself hearing the show then seeing the titles a few months later then going back again to listen to what Vaughn's opinion, Also part of the great Douchecast podcasters and recently some great work with The Zombie Mob as well as his work with Stephen Thompson on WANTED:Dead or preferably alive, one of the only western movie podcasts i know of. You can listen to the show through i-tunes or directly on his site and sign up for the RSS feed to be sure to get the latest shows, also a Facebook group , i have stuck all the links below the glorious photo below!So it's great to see him back and may you long continue to bring obscure movie to our ears Vaughn,Welcome back.
Jonny t!

Vaughn in all his bearded glory!


Official Facebook Group---- Motion Picture Massacre Facebook Group

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