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MAYHEM horror festival-Coming very soon!!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with news of this years MAYHEM horror festival in my own town of Nottingham! So from October 31st-November the 4th are you in the UK or around Nottingham? If so this is the event for you! Now an Established horror festival it always differs from others, not just showing the films that are currently doing "The Horror Circuit" but having some great screenings of old classics as well as some brand new and the best horror around, for example, this year so far announced is Dead Sushi, American Mary, V/H/S and a brand new restored and never before seen in the UK of Stanley Kubrick's Classic The Shining to name but a few, Which i most certainly will be attending!!
Also they have Directors Q&A sessions, Classic horror readings and a fantastic finale on the Sunday night in the form of a horror quiz, which me and a few others from Jonnys Cult films will taking part in, think you can beat us? Well we will see you there!
I have stuck a ton of stuff below, links, pictures etc so you can get your tickets and see what is happening this year and if i hear of any more upcoming screenings you will be the first to hear, so have a look below and see what tickles your Halloween fancies and we shall see you there,
Jonny T and The Gang.

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Some of the great events happening!

Live Horror Stories For Halloween

8pm – 10pm. Cafe Bar.
Nottingham Writers Studio present WORD OF MOUTH
Live storytelling from The Nottingham Writer’s Studio, horror novelist Niki Valentine and guests, as well as TV archive classics from Tom Baker (SREDNI VASHTAR by Saki), Christopher Lee (THE STALLS OF BARCHESTER by M.R. James) and Robert Powell (THE ROSE GARDEN, M.R. James).


With Special Guests co-writer and star Steve Oram and Ben Wheatley
A shift in gears from the Kill Listdirector takes Chris and Tina on a very strange and truly disturbing odyssey through the English countryside as they take a very wrong turn indeed and the bodies soon pile up around them.


10.30pm. Broadway Studio

You are invited to a live experiment in pure horror from a team of experimental psychologists, keen to push you into the darkest areas of fear, live in Broadway’s Studio.


  12.30pm. Dir. Noboru Iguchi (18) Japan Rina Takeda, Kentaro Shimazu

From the creator of gore drenched Mutant Girls Squad. Keiko must save the day when deadly flesh eating sushi comes to life. Saucy, sick and filled with sushi recipes.

“Silliness that is hard to resist… a genuine crowd-pleaser.” Twitch


11pm Dirs. Ti West, Adam Wingard, Radio Silence, Simon Barrett, David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg (18) US Calvin Reeder, Hannah Fierman

The ultimate in found-footage horror from a host of cutting edge directors, including The Innkeepers’ Ti West. Sent out to locate a rare video cassette an amoral gang uncover a host of disturbing tapes, a dead man and a whole lot of trouble.
“Prepare to be scared. A great midnight movie experience.” Twitch


4.30pm. Masterclass with writer and director Joe Ahearne.

Mayhem are delighted to welcome the creator of this Autumn’s chilling new series to talk about ghost stories, the relationship between horror at television and his career as well as let us in on the Secret of Crickley Hall. Joe Ahearne has directed Doctor Who and created the cult TV series Ultraviolet.


6.30pm Dirs. Jen and Sylvia Soska (18) US/Can. Katherine Isabelle, Tristan Risk

Mary Mason, drop-out medical student, turns to the gruesome world of underground surgery with devastating results. The return of Dead Hooker In a Trunk‘s Soska twins with an utterly disturbing and hilariously satirical film.
“A stylish, artful and darkly funny tragedy… game-changing.” Brutal As Hell


2.15pm Dir. Stanley Kubrik (15) UK/USA. Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall

Come and play with us, Danny – forever, and ever, and ever… Suffering from writer’s block Jack Torrance decides to move his family into an old hotel over winter. The longer, often overlooked version of the horror masterpiece remastered and restored, back on the big screen where it can disturb and terrify us all again.
“Genius.” Empire


The world’s most brutal horror quiz returns as Strange Things Are Happening’s David Flint subjects the Mayhem audience to the shock and awe of The Flinterrogation, with magnificent gifts and the admiration of others the prize for the winners, eternal shame the burden of the losers. Who will survive – and what will be left of them?

So there you go folks, just a little taster of many of the events happening this year at the awesome MAYHEM horror festival, be sure to click the links and get your tickets whilst you can!
Jonny T.

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