Thursday, 8 July 2010

Diary of a bad lad-Reviewed

Hello good people,
Last night i watched"Diary of a bad lad"From Director Micheal Booth and written by Jonathan Willams,
Here is the plot synopsis:-
"Frustated film maker,Barry lick(Jonathan williams),sets out to make a sensational crime documentary on the cheap about the charmingly pyschopathic Tommy Morgan(Joe O'Byrne),a local Buisness man involved in property rackets,prostitution,pornography and drug trafficking.
But Tommy is more cunning and ruthless than any of the film makers can begin to imagine and mercilessly exploits them for his own ends.Unfortunately Barry is so fixated with his one big film making chance he doesn't realise just how far out of his depth he really is and how his obsession will perilously compromise his ethics and ultimately put all their lives in jepordy"

So there you have it,the plot!
I was expecting yet another british gangster flick in the same vane as "lock stock"or"snatch"and a million and one other shoot off films but thats not what you get here!
This is real raw film making at its british best,Barry is indeed super obsessed with having his big chance and you can almost see whats going to take place and along with the characters in the film who are his friends you just want to give him a slap and wake him up.
Great characters and strong performances from all throughout and i must say it definately is not for the weak hearted,basically if your easily offended then beware!
If this film had have been made back in the day of the old"video nasties"witch hunt times it definately would have been banned or severly cut,yep its raw,but great!
I did really like this one and was suprised by yet another gret british film as i was with the great"Resurrecting the street walker"again another bright future is in store i fell for the director"Micheal Booth"and indeed the writer/actor"Jonathan williams"
Thanks all,
see you soon,
jonny t.

Diary of a bad lad is out now From Safecracker pictures.With great extras as well such as"Tommy extended intro"and"What roxy did next"teaser footage.

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