Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Jason Carter(Blood ties,Revamped)
Garett Maggart(CSI:Miami,Days of our lives)
Kira Reed(Cheerleader Ninjas,The final victim)

Hello all,
Last night i watched"Vampire"a new release from Stax entertainment and it was pretty good!
Here is the synopsis-
"Following a string of bloody murders a creature of myth and legend,a real vampire,is injured and captured by a mysterious military unit,imprisoned in a high security medical centre and then subjected to horrific and brutal medical experiments in an attempt to discover the source of his power.
As the medical experiments become viler and more gruesome,The projects Docter becomes torn between sympathy for the patient's suffering and the concern for the evil that threatens to consume everyone involved"

So there you have it,
I have to say i am not a huge fan of the vampire genre but saying that i did enjoy this as i found it different and a refreshing change from most of the formulaic vampire flicks that has graced our screens over the last few years,espically the sparkly vamps in the"Twilight"series and i wont even go there on those films!!
So for a "15"certificate it is pretty gory i have to say,it starts off with some good scenes but really gets going when you have the relationship building between the Dr and the Vamp,It reminded me somewhat of Silence of the lambs and day of the dead in the way that you get the patient/Dr syndrome but all the time there is this underlying thoughts of "How honest is the Vampire being and how honest is the Dr being?"so you really don't know how it will turn out,without giving out spoilers it does have a good pay off!
So if you are a fan of the vampire genre this is one for your collection or if you are just a horror fan i would say go check it out and its only £9.99,its a refreshing change and worth your time.
Jonny t.
Available now Through 4digitalmedia/Stax Entertainment for £9.99!!

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