Sunday, 11 July 2010

The dinner party-Review

Hello people,
Here is my review for the quite excellent,"The Dinner party"
Plot synopsis:-
Written & Directed by: Scott Murden

Jealous and unstable, Angela (Lara Cox) plans a dinner party for her student friends - what they don’t know is that the night’s deadly entertainment is an extra serving of suicide and murder!
Determined to end her life after the final course, Angela’s friends watch as their hostess becomes obsessed with death. Soon they realise that not all of them will be leaving the table as Angela does not plan to die alone – the question is: who is she going to take with her?
Accepting an invite to dinner has never been more deadly as drugs, murder and suicide will make you think twice before returning that RSVP!

Well last night i got to see"The Dinner Party".
I really didn't know what expect going into this one as its not the usual kind of film i would watch but on viewing this i would definately be watching this again!
Its a great little film from director "Scott murden".
The lead character(angela,Laura cox)Plays the roll brilliantly,it starts off where one of the friends claims he has been drugged the night before and its basically laughed off by all his other friends saying he just must have drunk to much,but oh no!
She has a plan to teach them all a lesson,i can't really say too much without spoiling it so all i will say is that if you are expecting some kind of "Agather Christie"murder mystery that ain't this!
One by one they all start to fall for her fiendish pland and VERY twisted ideas.
From the start to the very ending you really don't know what/if/when or what will happen so thats why this makes it a great little film.
You do with this film get a real good feeling for the characters and sympathise with them,well for the most part anyway!
Thats where a lot of films of this type fail because you really don't care what happens to certain characters but with this when things happen because you do care about the characters it drawers you into the film even more.
"The Dinner Party"is out 12TH July and well worth picking up.
Thanks all,
Jonny t.

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