Sunday, 4 July 2010

Serial killlers:The real life Hannibal lecters.

Hello all,
Well i have just watched"Serial killers:The real life Hanninal lectures"and to be honest i wasn't expecting much but was very pleasently suprised at what a great documentary this is!
It features the case studies of some of the worlds most notorious killers such as Ted Bundy,Albert Fish,Jefferey Dahmer,Andrei Chikatilo and John Wayne Gacy who between them claimed over 150 lives as well as comparisons and features on many more.
Having seen and read many many films/documentaries and books on all the mentioned killers over the years this documentary still managed to come up with fresh interviews and som brilliant footage from the likes of Jeffery Dahmas trial and some great footage from the story of Andrei Chikatilo.


Also along the way you get interviews withwith world renowned experts,family members and people involved in many of the cases.
Its starts with the case of"Alber fish"wich was in the 1940's and a very little known case all the way through to modern day stories of many of todays serial killer and it has to be said that some of the statistics are quite scary!
This is now available on dvd through 4digital media at the bargain price of only £5.99!So i would definately recommend you buy this,wether you have already read many of the cases or are newcomer to the strange phenominun that is "The serial killer"its definately worth a watch.
take care all and don't forget to look over your shoulder!!
Jonny t!


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