Monday, 5 July 2010

Resurrecting The street walker-Reviewed

Hello people,
I watched last night"Resurrecting the street walker"A new horror film from The UK and i have to say it is pretty damn good!
I heard about this on The Midnight Corey podcast and was lucky to recieve a preview copy to review.
It's basic premise is about a young film maker"James" who is trying to make it in the film industry and gets a job a portland pictures as there office runner and it doesn't go quite as he expects by basically being the dogs body,tea making fetching food etc and regularly described as"shithead!"
Then he discovers a "lost horror film"called"The street walker"from back in the 80's that for some mysterious reason never got finished.He then goes to the head of Portland pictures with an idea of finally finishing the movie by filming a new ending,will they go for it?will he finish"The street walker"?
Also sounds pretty straight forward i know but oh boy it certainly aint!
The whole film is done in a "Documentary"style with his best friend following him around filming his efforts and attempts to get through the film,along the way you do see many clips from"The street walker"and it looks like a very grim film,basically a serial killer in london dupes young girls into thinking that they are going to his place for an audition(bright lights big city syndrome)but when there he drugs them and kills them in very nasty ways,all done in black and white and this does somewhat add to the atmosphere,the film was supposed to have been shot in the 80's when the uk was besieged by the paranoia of the"Video nastys"and this is the reason we are told that it never got finished,or is it?
Anyway i would urge you to go and check this film out,i have seen many a new british horror this year and i certainly is in the top 3,there is not a lot around on the internet about this film but i know i will definately become a great british horror classic,it reminds me very much of things like "peepeing tom"and the director "OZGUR UYANIK"is definately one to watch.
It has just been released in the uk so guy buy it!Running time of 80minutes is perfect as well.I have looked around and it is now available on amazon.
A very strong 9/10.
jonny t.

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