Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Walking Dead Tv series is coming!

Hello all,
I was searching the web the other day looking for my latest issue of the classic Robert Kirkman"The walking dead"comic when i stumbled upon stills yes stills from an on set report from the upcoming tv series by the fabulous horror site www.dreadcentral.com
I have to say as a huge zombie fan and an even bigger walking dead fan i am blown away by the look of the zombies and main character rick,they look amazing!
I would say the look is somewhat similar to the look of the zombies in Tom Savini's remake of"Night of the living dead"and they i thought were fantastic looking zombies!
So have a look below at these stills courtesy of dread central and if this doesn't wet your appetite for a great looking show nothing will!!!
On a final note if you have yet to read "The Walking dead"I urge you to as soon as possible you will not regret it,i have every issue from #7 to the current issue but unfortunately not 1-6 so if anyone out there has a spare copy of any of these and, don't want them feel free to send them over,ha!
Take care all,
Jonny t.